Monday, October 28, 2013

Switch to a UL Monitoring Center

Why Switch to a 24-Hour UL Monitoring from Your Ordinary Security Alarm Monitoring System?

Security alarm systems vary from feature to feature and one such feature is the ability of a security system to communicate to a monitoring system to be able to respond to any emergency. Homes and businesses are equipped with security alarm systems not just to deter intruders or for an alarm to set off once there is breach of security but some advanced systems are connected to a “central station” where information from the system is sorted out. When a security system detects an emergency, a signal is sent to the central station and this triggers a specific response.

The signal from a security system in a home or a business could either be one of the following:
An intruder alert – this is one of the most common signals that a security system detects. It is done with a combination of door or window sensors, glass break detectors, lock break detectors and video surveillance detection. When an advanced security surveillance system detects an intruder a signal is sent to the central control and another signal is sent to the police department for instant response. The homeowner or the business owner is also alerted via mobile phone, email or a call.

Fire emergencies – updated home and business security systems combine security monitoring with fire and smoke detection. When this happens, advanced systems automatically start the water sprinkler system, opens the windows, the furnace and exhaust systems to remove smoke. A signal is sent to the central control system to send another signal to the fire department. The central control system also signals the homeowner or the business owner via email, call or text to come home or go to the site at once.

Medical emergencies – an advanced system may also signal for a medical emergency. A code may be set up or an emergency panic button or alarm may be set to immediately let the central station know of any medical emergency. The central station will call ambulance service or dispatch an emergency team to take care of any type of medical emergency right away.
Other type of emergencies may also be resolved with the use of a 24 hour monitoring security system. 

Emergencies like carbon monoxide accumulation, flood emergencies and so many more may be possible when you use an advanced monitoring system.

So why switch to a 24-hour security monitoring system instead of your regular alarm system? Definitely any homeowner or business owner will have ultimate peace of mind when his home or business is equipped with a smart and efficient security system. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to protect your family, your investment and your home since you can be assured of safety and security wherever you may be. So for anyone who would like to save money and effort plus have ultimate peace of mind, then a 24-hour alarm security monitoring system is the best security system for you. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

why monitor your security alarm

Why Use a Security Alarm Monitoring System?

A security alarm system is used for providing total security in a business or in a home. It is made up of several components like video cameras, a recording system (DVR or VHS recording unit), alarm systems, a video monitoring device and security lighting. Security alarm monitoring systems are often professionally installed and maintained. It may be quite costly initially considering the price of a complete security system as well as installation and maintenance fees but most homeowners and business owners agree that the security and peace of mind that these systems provide are priceless.
So why use security alarm monitoring systems? Here are some important things to consider:

If you have a business, company or office, clients and customers are more likely to do business in a safe and secure establishment compared to a risky location. Your efforts to create a safe and secure environment will be very much appreciated by your customers as well as your business partners since it shows that every little aspect of your business matters to you.

You will be able to increase the rate of production in a factory or production line when you have security systems installed. Your employees will take their work seriously and will also understand that you seriously mean business in any department in your company or business.

Security alarm systems will protect your business or home even when you are not there which provides you utmost peace of mind wherever you may be. No matter how big or how small your property or company is, a security system may be expanded to accommodate any changes in your security measures. Adding more advanced video monitoring systems, security and fire systems and alarms is no problem since most security systems these days are built for easy updates for future expansion.

You will be able to secure your business from criminal elements in your area. A security monitoring system is your best defence to criminals and potential breeches to your safety wherever you may be. You will be able to protect your customers, employees and your business in the best way you can with updated security systems.

With security alarm systems in place, you will be able to improve the overall value of your home or property. Should you decide to sell your home, you will be able to demand a high price for your property since you have updated alarm systems installed. And if you would like to rent your home, you may also command a higher monthly rental since you have security systems and alarm systems in place. 
This is one of the most important features that renters and home buyers are looking for when they purchase or lease a home.

You may greatly improve the safety and security of your family or business when you use a security alarm monitoring system with 24 hour capabilities and automatic alarm monitoring. Once a threat is detected, your system will automatically signal authorities to respond immediately. This security alarm system will definitely improve the way you protect your home or business.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UL 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

24 Hour UL Monitoring Versus an Ordinary Alarm Monitoring System

An alarm monitoring system is a security system that protects a home or a business establishment from intruders and other emergencies. It is made of several components like video cameras, data storage systems, alarm systems, lighting, video surveillance monitors and so many more. And just when you think that an alarm monitoring system is enough to provide your home or business utmost security there is a far better choice when it comes to total protection and security. A 24-hour UL monitoring security system. The following are the possible advantages of a 24-hour monitoring security system over a regular security system:

Instant emergency and intruder response

Although there are regular systems that can immediately inform users of an intruder in the premises through email or text, nothing can compare with an immediate response of police, fire or medical team in case of any emergency. 24-hour UL monitoring systems are tested for immediate response and there is no room for failure or mistakes. When your home or business security system detects an intruder, fire, smoke or if a panic button or emergency signal is activated, the system will immediately send a message to a central response station which in turn will inform police, fire, rescue or an emergency medical team to respond quickly. There is a streamlined approach to any emergency and this could totally help improve safety and security in any residential or commercial setting. Regular security systems will never be able to signal for help, it will merely record video evidence of the event or trigger an alarm that will inform the homeowner or business owner and neighbors that there has been a break-in.

Total peace of mind

Definitely a 24-hour UL monitoring system will offer complete peace of mind compared to a simple security monitoring system. A 24-hour system will quickly call for help depending on the type of emergency and will never fail no matter what. A simpler system on the other hand will inform homeowners or a business owner that there has been a break in along with a video or file evidence but will do nothing to call for help to immediately capture the intruder. ]
In case of fire, smoke or carbon monoxide accumulation, a 24-hour system will quickly trigger an alarm and call for an emergency team or rescue team to arrive. Regular systems may not be wired together with your fire alarm as well as smoke detection systems. Your home or business may still be at risk.

The cost

A 24-hour UL monitoring is definitely more expensive since the system alone is different from a regular system. The user will also need to pay for a monthly fee for maintenance and any repairs as well as subscription to a central response station. But of course, all these expenses are nothing compared to the utmost peace of mind and total security that your home or business have. Take time to know different companies in your area that distributes and maintains 24-hour alarm monitoring systems before you make your purchase.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Security Cameras St. Louis Hybrid

Why Use a Hybrid DVR Security Camera System?

A hybrid DVR security camera system is a security monitoring and recording system that aims to record in the highest quality video and crisp audio. It is called a hybrid since it supports CCTV cameras or closed circuit TV cameras and IP cameras or video surveillance cameras that can record and show images through the web. Most businesses use CCTV cameras since these types of cameras offer standard recording capabilities and are very affordable; IP cameras on the other hand offer easy access or viewing through an online interface however these are more expensive compared to regular CCTV cameras.

For a growing business, the most recommended security camera system is a hybrid DVR since this type of recording system allows you to expand your video surveillance as you expand your business. Here are some great reasons why you should invest in a high quality DVR system instead of a regular recording device:

As your business or company grows, so will your security concerns. A hybrid DVR system will ready your business for the high demands of security monitoring as well as the demands of providing efficient customer service. You will be able to expand and upgrade your security system at no extra cost. From regular CCTV camera systems you can upgrade to IP camera monitoring without the need to buy a new recording device. You save money, effort and time which are very important in any business or company.

A hybrid DVR device may be quite expensive in the beginning but will certainly pay off in the future since online or mobile monitoring is the next big step in close security surveillance. Imagine checking up on your business, your company and your employees with just your mobile device when you are at home or in a business trip. You can increase your productivity and improve your security surveillance monitoring with very little cost in the future.

There is nothing more valuable than having peace of mind when you have a durable and efficient hybrid DVR security system. This means you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business like your customers, your products and the various services that you offer. When you have total peace of mind you will be able to concentrate on growing your business; this comes without saying when you have one of the most efficient DVR security camera systems in the market today.

Hybrid DVR security camera systems are very easy to use and are very practical for any type of business. There is no need for additional staff training or maintenance since these systems are maintained just like any regular security camera systems.

There are so many hybrid DVR brands in the market and it could be very hard to tell which one will be the best one for your business. The best way is to consult a security surveillance company that will provide free advice on clients’ surveillance needs. Reading consumer reviews will also help you find the best company to deal with for your business or residential security surveillance needs. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hybrid Security Camera Systems

The Best Hybrid DVR Security Camera Systems in the Market Today

There are so many hybrid DVR security camera systems in the market today and you simply cannot pick the best system without a clear understanding of what a hybrid DVR is all about. A hybrid DVR is a recording device that is used for security surveillance; it is hybrid since it can support video from CCTV or analog cameras as well as IP cameras. There are so many advantages of choosing this kind of DVR system and one of this is the ability to expand your surveillance system in the future at no extra cost. And if you want to find the most efficient system for your business or property, take a look at the most popular hybrid DVRs in the market today:

Samsung SDR-5200 – this is a 16 channel HDTV hybrid DVR with real time recording capabilities at high quality resolutions. It has 4 HD inputs, with RJ45 inputs, 4 audio inputs and 12 BNC inputs. And since this product is a Samsung, expect high quality video compression and easy to use features which will benefit even novice users. The Samsung SDR-5200 is less than $750 online.

LG LE5016D-NH – this is a 16 channel H.264 hybrid DVR security system with built-in real-time recording and security features. It is capable of 2 channel IP camera support, with a user-friendly GUI, easy to adjust and personalize channels, alarm notifications and 2-way audio support. File backup is a breeze with USB port/network connectivity or via internal DVD-RW. Comes with a remote control and mouse. The LG LE5016D-NH is available at around $1,900 online.

Talos DRH4121 – this is a 16-channel hybrid HD-SDI DVR capable of 1080p output and 60/120 FPS. With 4 channel HD and 12 channel D1. Comes with a 1 TB hard disc drive. The Talos DRH4121 is available online at around $1,030 online.

HDVR MT-HDVR5016T – this is an affordable hybrid stand-alone DVR with dual stream HDMI output. It is a DVR/HVR/NVR in one. Capable of H.264 compression format, built in Intelligent Analysis System, online access via cloud service, with 16 channel D1 real time recording. 16 channel playback, 16 channel alarm input and so many more. This product also supports 3G Mobile Phone View, comes with an external Wi-Fi port, HDMI output and supports a variety of languages. The HDVR MT-HDVR5016T is available online at around $450.

Heivision Hybrid DVR – this is a HD-SDI hybrid DVR with 8 channels at H.264 and at 1080p output. This also has 4 channel recorder capabilities for HD-SDI cameras, 4 channel for standard CCTV or analog cameras and HDMI outputs. The Heivision does not come with an internal hard drive. Your purchase comes with a 1-year warranty when you but from HDSecurityStore. The Heivision hybrid DVR is around $900 online.

These are just some of the most popular and highly rated hybrid DVR systems online. It is best to consult a security surveillance company to find out the best security system that will work for your business or for your residential needs. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

24 hour Security Alarm Monitoring St.Louis

What is a 24-Hour Monitoring Security System?

A 24-hour monitoring security system is an alarm system that is used for residential or commercial establishments. This alarm system is an updated and complete system which is made up of video cameras, glass break systems, alarm systems, lighting, video recording devices, storage systems and so many more. The system is wired or connected to a central control or central response system where messages are sent to suitable emergency response teams. Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alerts are sent to a nearby fire department, intruder alerts and break-ins are sent to police departments that serve the area while medical emergencies and panic emergencies are sent to hospitals or medical emergency stations in the area for quick medical response.

A 24-hour alarm monitoring system must never fail therefore it is maintained and checked by licensed technicians who are experts in a particular alarm monitoring brand or system. Periodic maintenance will help ensure safety and security in any emergency situation and will also provide peace of mind in behalf of the property owner, homeowner or business owner.

Switching from a regular alarm monitoring system to a 24-hour alarm system

Definitely it is very convenient and very practical to have a 24-hour alarm and monitoring security system but what if you already have a security system in place? Do you have to get rid of your old system to update? Actually there are companies that will help switch your regular security system into a 24-hour alarm and monitoring system. A system upgrade is a cost effective and definitely a smart decision for any homeowner or business owner since you don’t have to buy a new updated system and neither will you throw an outdated system away.

It takes as short as a few hours to convert your system into an updated 24-hour monitoring service. After additional hardware is installed in your home or in your business, your system will be programmed to contact the control or central response system with the use of a designated account number. Every time your alarm system contacts the central response system for assistance, police, ambulance team or fire teams will quickly proceed to your residence or business establishment.

The contractor that updated your system will also be responsible in maintaining your monitoring system and will also be able to respond for any repairs. For most 24-hour monitoring alarm systems, the homeowner or business owner pays for a monthly or yearly subscription. This subscription covers maintenance and repairs on the system. The subscription payment may also cover the services of the central monitoring station since this is also maintained to ensure that it will never fail or go off line.

Looking for 24 hour monitoring system contractors

With a simple online search, you will be able to find a suitable 24-hour monitoring security system contractor. Be sure to do your homework and find the best company according to their experience and the brands of security systems that they handle. Choose local help so you may easily visit their local office for any of your concerns about security monitoring. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

24/7 hour UL Monitoring

The Benefits of 24-Hour UL Monitoring

Are you wary of using a 24-hour monitoring system for your home because of the overall cost of the equipment and service subscription? Experts in property investment agree that having an efficient residential or commercial monitoring system such as a 24-hour UL monitoring is the best security system to have. It has a number of benefits for residential and for commercial or business establishments.

Benefits of a 24-hour UL monitoring system to a residential property

A home or residential property will improve its market value with this kind of feature installed. If the owner decides to rent or sell his property, he will likely be able to command a higher value since more and more buyers and renters are choosing properties with 24-hour security system compared to those that only have a regular security system.
Homeowners will have utmost peace of mind since this security system will provide 24 hour security and automatic response for any emergencies or break-ins. Having peace of mind is priceless and homeowners can focus on other worthwhile things other than monitoring his property and ensuring the safety of his family.

This system is fully compatible with regular systems and is very easy to install. The amount you spend initially for a new device or for an upgrade of your old system along with a service subscription is a small price to pay for total peace of mind that homeowners deserve.
24-hour UL monitoring systems are expandable and are sure to work 100% of the time which is why these systems are given the UL mark of quality. Even when you plan to renovate your property, improve the security within the perimeter of your property or enhance the security system indoors, you can bet that a 24-hour monitoring will still work best with your needs.

Benefits of a 24-hour UL monitoring system for commercial establishments

Commercial or business properties will be totally secure with this kind of monitoring system. If you are a business owner and you have expensive equipment, computer systems, valuable documents and other important items in your office or company then you may want to invest in a 24-hour UL monitoring system to fully optimize your business’ safety and security.
Business owners will also have utmost peace of mind with this efficient security monitoring system. And with utmost peace of mind, he can concentrate on more important things in his business like creating new products or services, marketing strategies, new marketing campaigns, competitor studies and employee training. When a business owner has peace of mind, he will likely be able to run his business more efficiently.

Customers and clients will appreciate a business that cares for their safety and security. Customers of a restaurant or convenience store will likely patronize an establishment where they feel more secure and business partners will likely invest in a company that ensures the safety and security of its assets. All of these contribute to better revenue, improved customer service and better brand appeal. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Reduce Occurrence of False Alarms on your Security System

How to Reduce Occurrence of False Alarms on your Security System

Just when you thought you have all the protection you need against burglars, you have realized that it has given you false alarms most of the time. Having false alarms may even discourage authorities from responding because of the thought that it is again not genuine. But you cannot just put your safety in jeopardy just because your security cameras and alarm lose its functions. There are ways to prevent your system from producing false alarms.              

Make sure that your apparatus are free from nesting pests and insects. The camera for instance should be cleared from cobwebs and other dust particles for it to show a clear view of the area covered. Furthermore, if you are using sensors, make sure it is clear from pests housing nearby. This would not only alter the functions of the device but would also leave some marks that may produce false detection of intruders.

New security cameras have been equipped with a sensor that can detect the right weight and size of the object to react to. This would ensure that the alarm, if there is any, will only be prompted when the object is huge enough to be considered human. Pests and insects crawling in your cameras and sensors will then not affect the monitoring. This is one of the best features coming from advanced devices.

Check battery operated devices. Sometimes, you have come so secured that everything goes in place and serves its functions but the fact is that it is dying out of battery. Normally, complicated security systems come to be made up of different devices. If one device loses its power because of the absence of power source, the whole operation will be deterred.                           

Have your connections checked by the company who installed your security system. Since you have paid for their service, you can avail of maintenance services to make sure that every connection still works. Those who are in remote monitoring would benefit from such. As the connections are checked well by the company, you are sure to get the monitoring that you have paid for.

Should there be problems you will meet along the way, it is a must to check for the source of the problem as soon as possible. This would reduce the chances of inactivity to the part of the security system. Security systems are installed for the purpose of detecting possible intruders and it is not mounted solely to produce sounds that you may not even want to entertain with the thought that it is just another false alarm.

It is always advised to check for the surveillance units inside your area every now and then. This is to make sure that everything goes in place and that it can react to the need effectively without producing false alarms. The key is to keep your devices free from dust and whatever thing that may come to interfere with the process. With this, you can be sure that your security system will respond accordingly.


Monday, August 26, 2013

The Importance of Professional Security Companies

The Importance of Professional Security Companies St. Louis and St. Charles MO

Security alarm systems have come to be popular these days. Primarily, call for help during times when burglars come attacking is the concern of a lot of people. Since one cannot just see and detect when the burglars are coming, a little help will do. Besides, you cannot just keep a close watch over your home all the time.

Security alarms and cameras can just be mounted at home by you. There are many DIY security systems available in the market that you can just buy. Instructions are comprehensive that you will not find it hard to understand. However, there are security companies that you can trust to when you are planning to put up your very own security alarm system. Why ask companies when you can install it yourself? Here are some of the important points.

You will feel at ease. If you are the type who values time, dealing with a company to work for your security needs is a good help. You do not have to break a sweat just to make sure that the devices you will avail of works well. Since workers in these companies are trained to mount such devices, there is a greater chance that success is at hand.

Next, you will be given choices. You know you can just research on the security alarms you can put on your home but there is no greater choice than having to ask the experts. The knowledge you may get from researching by yourself might be limited whilst those companies may have known what you have not discovered still. You may not even know the types of sensors that you can use while the company has everything you will ever need in terms of information.
Should you choose to avail of the remote monitoring, companies would be of best help. These companies stand as central receiver of the video inputs that your devices at home may transmit. The work of the company is to make sure that irregularities are intervened and monitored closely while you are on your own doing the things you do. Leaving your home for a vacation may not even bother you as there is a company that will be on close watch over your assets.

Basically, having a deal with companies is a great relief as you are sure to be guided accordingly. You will even be faced with the probable scheme of security to make sure that you are nothing but protected. With just a push of a button or an irregular intrusion would trigger a response from the central server which will then prompt help.

Surely, having a personal touch on the security system is a good deal already but if you would want to level up your security, there are companies who are willing to help. The only downside is that you will pay more because you are asking for extra services. But if you will come to think about it, you are investing on something that is as precious as a treasure – your safety – that leaves you with no doubt but grab every opportunity just to be safe. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home Automation and Complete Surveillance Security Systems

Home Automation and Complete Surveillance Security Systems

Have you ever watched futuristic movies that feature characters using a single remote control to access different areas of his home? He uses a single panel to adjust heating, temperature, air conditioning units, security systems, alarm systems and even lighting systems. What most of us don’t know to this day is that this futuristic remote exists; there are home automation devices that are exclusively used for controlling different areas in the home.

Control your security system

With just one touch of a button you can set a code to lock your security system at specific times (when you are away or when you are asleep) and of course set codes for you and members of the household. You may also set all the different components of your security system with just one remote control like settings on your video cameras, on alarm systems, on your messaging system (to alert who in case of break-ins or breeches in security) and so much more.

Control your monitoring systems in your home

Aside from your security system, you may also control your smoke alarms, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and temperature monitoring systems. High tech monitoring systems integrate with security systems and could be programmed to call police or fire for smoke or fire detection and even call for medical assistance in case of these emergencies.

Control your air conditioning systems

A remote control system will even help you adjust settings on your air conditioning system and even your home ventilation systems. With just one click of your remote you can easily adjust to the exact temperature you want or you may also save settings for different times of the day.

Control your lighting systems

Save on electricity bills and place settings on your lighting systems at home or in your office. Automation turn off lighting and open window shades to allow natural light to come in. Lighting automation will also allow you to enter settings like mood lighting for relaxation, party lighting when you have guests and even romantic lighting when you want to relax and get romantic with your partner.
There are so many brands of remote control systems for your home or for your office. You may choose from a simple remote system or a system that will take care of all these components in your home but regardless of what you pick, you can be sure that you will have utmost peace of mind in your home or in your office.
Oftentimes, remote control systems need to be pre-programmed so you need an expert to install all your components as well as your remote system. Only an experienced contractor will help you find the best system and help you with installation and maintenance of your system. You must never overlook shopping for the ideal surveillance system along with a remote control since this IS the future of home technology and automation. The futuristic movies are true and you can enjoy this convenience in your home today.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What are the Components of a Complete Security Surveillance System?

What are the Components of a Complete Security Surveillance System?

Are you planning to purchase a complete security surveillance system for your home or office? Then you should read on for the components of a complete security system that you should not miss when you make your purchase. Note that complete systems offer better safety inside and outside your home and of course better security for the family you love.

Security cameras

Security cameras are an integral part of a complete security surveillance system. Cameras may either be for outdoor or indoor use; these must have zooming capabilities, auto focus features and automatic adjust features as well. Bonus features include night vision, movement triggers for recording, IP connectivity and messaging alert for any intruders. Depending on the size or the area that needs to be monitored, there are camera systems that come in pairs, in fours or even more than eight. These packages will significantly reduce your budget in setting up a security system in your property.

Recording and data storage device

Devices like hard drives are a must since you need to record and store massive amounts of recordings. Some hard drives are capable of storing terabytes of data while others may be connected to a DVR or a VCR for video to be stored in an external system. Choose a storage device that will allow you to transfer data via USB or Bluetooth to a computer. Be sure to consider the best brands too since you need to protect your data as efficiently as possible.

Alarm systems

A complete security surveillance system has an alarm system connected to a communication device which can contact police, fire or medical emergency services should the need arise. An alarm system must be easy to set up and control. Alarm systems are also connected to various components of the security system to gather information about a break-in or other emergency which needs immediate police response.
Some high tech homes connect not just their alarm systems with their smoke, fire or burglar alarms but also carbon monoxide alarms, temperature alarms, ventilation and AC maintenance alarms and so many more. All these add to the overall security and of course the value of your home.

Video monitoring

Video monitoring devices could be as simple as a CRT or flat screen television equipped with channels where you can view all cameras that are located in the premises. Although not necessary, video monitors should offer a clear video, audio (if equipped) and color to be able to easily ID any intruder inside or outside the home.

Control panels

Think of control panels as your remote control to operate your complete security control system at home. Controls allow you to adjust camera settings, pan or rotate cameras as you wish, adjust temperature inside your home, adjust lighting make changes in your pass codes and so much more. There are different control panels to choose from; the most popular are control panels that integrate all components of a security system so you can control these more efficiently from where you are.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Does a Security Alarm Work?

How Does a Security Alarm Work?

A security alarm is composed of several parts which are needed to provide complete security monitoring for your home and your office. All the parts of this system is wired or connected to a central control where the user can make adjustments on the different settings as well as manage saved files and program scheduled monitoring.

A simple security alarm works by simply activating the alarm; a simple system is composed of a sensor or a switch which is wired to a noisy alarm. When an intruder activates the alarm either by opening a door, breaking a window or tripping a wire, the alarm goes off automatically. This simple process is still being used in modern and updated systems however there are several modifications and additional features to help provide better and more effective security.

Security alarm – the alarm is not just wired to a sensor or switch but is also connected to a system that automatically contacts the local police or fire department in case of fire. Security alarms are connected to windows, doors, gates, garage doors and in areas where there are possible break-ins.

Security cameras – these are integral part of modern security systems. There can be one, two, three or more camera systems in a home or business establishments and these are setup in places where there is a possibility of illegal entry. Security cameras may have night vision capabilities, motion sensors, IP network monitoring (to view your recordings or live footage from an online site), pan and tilt options and automatic video adjustment settings. There are outdoor cameras with tough protective outer casings and strong weatherproof brackets while there are also indoor cameras of different size,s shape and lens type.
Security cameras are connected to recording device like a DVR, a VHS recorder or a hard drive to record long videos and even 24/7. There are also recording systems that will only record when a sensor is activated.

Sensors – there are different sensors that may be found in a complete security system and these may depend on the kind of environment you have as well as the type of business you have. Sensors may either be heat sensors, smoke detectors, glass break sensors, door and window sensors, flood sensors, motion sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, freeze sensors, garage door sensors or recessed door sensors. Some security systems allow the user to choose or to personalize his own system for his home or business.

Remote control or control panel – convenience is the most important factor in updated security systems. 
Most now have a central panel or remote control where you can access all the features of the system and make the necessary changes or adjustments as the need arises. For example, programming the system to text or email you for any emergency is your option when you are away but upon arriving you may set the system to call your partner or your mother in case of an emergency even when you are at home. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What are the Latest Home Security Systems in St. Louis?

What to Look for in a Home Security System

Home security systems are the latest in providing ultimate home security and safety. You can have utmost peace of mind when you know that your home and family are protected with the latest home security system. But what are the latest in security for you home? Here are five of the most popular according to online consumer reviews:

Protect America

This company gathered the best reviews; consumers like the way Protect America gives away basic security equipment so you can start using their service right away. The company only one basic GE security equipment offered in 5 different plans. Customers have a choice from the very basic Copper Plan that comes with a control pane, door and window sensors, a motion detector and an internal siren this costs less than $20.00 to start.


This security company has different home monitoring services as well as a choice of security equipment. However there are no installers for their service, it is all DIY. SafeMart has a variety of wired as well as wireless systems; you have a choice to expand your security system depending on the size of your home and the number of possible entry points in your home. You also get amazing customer support for all their products.

Pinnacle Security

Pinnacle is unique since it provides interactive security systems as well as mobile monitoring systems. You cannot install the system by yourself, an installer has to come and make the installations. The price of their subscription varies and this may be according to the size of the property, your security needs and so many more. This security system also offers business security systems.


This company offers top-of-the-line, professionally installed security systems. ADT is one of the biggest companies for security and safety however it offers high rates which turn most residential customers off. Its basic rate starts at around $37.00 which is about twice the price of the basic plans of other companies. It is also very detailed when you choose ADT since the moment you sign up, a licensed technician will visit your home or business and check for the best security options for your needs. Everything is mostly covered by ADT from home intrusion and fire safety but the cost is terribly high for regular homeowners.

FrontPoint Security

This security company offers a wide range of security devices; from cameras, sirens, garage door overheads, motion sensors and door and window sensors to name a few. GE equipment is FrontPoint’s choice of equipment which means that you can customize your security system depending on your needs. The only problem with FrontPoint Security is that their equipment has very limited warranty and the price is very expensive at around $35.00.
If you are looking for the ideal security system, the best way to find the ideal system for your home is to read consumer reviews. There are so many reliable reviews online; these will help you make the best decision in protecting your home and your family.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why do you need Security Cameras for your Home or Business?

Why do you need Security Cameras for your Home or Business?

If you are a homeowner or a business owner, there is no guarantee that your property is protected and safe because there are already a lot of crooks out there waiting to pounce on your home and business. This is the reason why the popularity of security cameras is rising nowadays and it is not only the business owners who are installing security cameras for their business establishments but also the homeowners who want to ensure security for their homes.

So, why do you need security cameras for your home or business? Why are they necessary?

Security cameras protect your home and business. Security cameras may not be people but they serve as the eye of your home and business and their presence can somehow protect your home and business from being broken into by thieves. In other words, one look at them makes robbers and thieves hesitate to do their dirty work and so, your home and your business is protected. While you are not anticipating for your home or your business to be broken into by thieves, it pays when you are sure and so, if you want to protect your home and your business, then you need the threatening presence of security cameras.

Security cameras monitor what’s going on in a certain area. Since you are not always present to watch out for your business or your home, you need something that could monitor whatever is going on in your home and your business. In a business, you can monitor your employees and at home, you can monitor your housekeeper and know what happened when you were not around. In other words, your home and your business is not only protected against people outside but also people inside who might be doing something wrong when you are not around.

Security cameras solve most criminal cases. When you are not around at home or in your business and crimes have occurred, for instance, thieves have broken in your home or business, there is no way of finding out who are the suspects unless there is a witness. But if you have a security camera that monitors what’s going on inside the house or the business, there is also a hundred percent chance that you’re going to identify the culprit and then solve the case. Somehow, you are protecting your home and business by easily solving the case.

Security cameras reduce home and business insurance rates. Security cameras have the ability to reduce home and business insurance rates. Most of the time, home insurance rates are determined by how well you protect your home from break-ins and other misfortune. So, if you install security cameras at home, the insurance company can be assured that you are taking measures to protect your home and so it reduces the risk of early home insurance claims. With this, your rate can be lowered, saving you bucks on home and business insurance. Therefore, you don’t only need security cameras to protect your home and business but also to protect your budget from costly insurance rates.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why Use Burglar Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring

Why Use Burglar Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring

A DSC and or Ademco burglar security alarm which is built for 24/7 monitoring may be the most efficient security system that you can have for your home or business. This security alarm package has all the features that you will need to secure your business or your property in the safest and the most effective manner. This type of monitoring and security system usually has more than security cameras and recording devices to capture video recordings 24 hours a day but it also has a burglar alarm which is wired to a system that automatically contacts your local police for assistance.
You need this type of system simply because of the following reasons:

Fool-proof your security system

Every business and every home needs a complete security monitoring and DSC and or Honeywell burglar alarm system. Burglars will never stand a chance in a fully automated system since:
·       The police are contacted as soon as possible as well as the homeowner or the business owner is notified through email, a call or a text message. In case of fire, the fire and temperature sensor will contact local fire department to respond as quickly as possible.
·       A video of the burglar will be recorded even in complete darkness since most security cameras have night vision capabilities. Police will be able to identify the criminal even when he has escaped due to your system’s video evidence.
·       Even unauthorized access from windows, garage doors, back doors and anywhere in the perimeter of your home or business will automatically trigger an alarm system to signal you and the police department.

Most cities require video surveillance systems

Most developing cities require business establishments to have security surveillance systems and alarm systems installed since this technique has been effective in capturing criminals and deterring criminal activity. Not only will you be complying with business rules in your area but you will also be able to protect your office, store or business establishment from criminal elements.

Increase the security within your home

Your home and your family are the most important; your home must be a secure place where your family can rest and relax. With all the criminal activity anywhere you can never take risks in protecting your home. And when it comes to your family’s total protection, you simply cannot work with just an outdated system. You need high quality burglar alarm system with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week monitoring capabilities.

Improve the value of your home or commercial property

Do you know that by installing a security system with burglar alarm, security cameras, recording systems, alarm sensors and remote monitoring you are increasing the value of your property? If you decide to sell or to rent out your property then it is a guarantee that you can get a huge deal from it. Adding a security and alarm system in your office or business will increase employee and customer safety and will surely increase the value of your professional customer service. 

DSC or Ademco (Honeywell) are a great Security Alarm for your home or business.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Investing in Security Cameras while Saving

Investing while Saving

CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras are an important part in the protection of your home and other valuable items and secrets. This is because it can be used to identify and protect the innocents around the world in case they are attacked by evil and malicious people. With this item installed, a lot of good can be given to each individual and everyone can rest easy knowing someone is watching over them.
One of the benefits of having a CCTV camera installed in your business is that it can see things that you may have missed or overlooked when you are not there. For example, when you are out of your home and someone breaks in, the thieves can be caught by the cameras and it can be forwarded to the local authorities who will then catch these evil people and put them in jail. Another example is when you own a business and have a corner of which you cannot clearly see from the counter. A well placed camera can see people who go there and try to steal some of the things that you put there for selling.

Another thing that these cameras do perfectly well is detect and inform local authorities of possible dangers to innocent passersby. These cameras can catch someone alone who is in dire need of help and the proper authorities will be contacted immediately to provide assistance. For example, if your CCTV camera is hooked up with a private security firm, they can detect problems around your house and call the proper authorities to respond to the threat.

The money that will be spent on buying and maintaining these cameras is an issue that most persons will shy off. Some of the cameras on the market are too expensive that small scale businesses are unable to afford it. Therefore, it is essential that you know which cameras will suit your need to be able to get one that is within your budget. One example is that you cannot buy a very high level CCTV camera system for a small scale business. It would wreck your profits because the maintenance costs would be very high. Also, if you have a very large scale business or a private bank, you would not entrust your business to a cheap security system because it would be very easy to crack. Know beforehand what you intend to use these cameras for in order to realistically make a budget to suit your needs.

While these things are essential when you look for CCTV cameras, there are a lot more factors that you should think about. One of these is if you want to have a long standing memory bank for the images that you will get with the videos and the quality of these images when they are captured. Also, keep in mind how the data will be transferred from the cameras to the local law enforcement agencies. If it is easily tampered with, don’t bother getting that system. Research first where you will use the camera and how much you are willing to put up in order to get one so that you will know what to get. Remember, they are for protecting your investments and not hurting your pocket.