Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Reduce Occurrence of False Alarms on your Security System

How to Reduce Occurrence of False Alarms on your Security System

Just when you thought you have all the protection you need against burglars, you have realized that it has given you false alarms most of the time. Having false alarms may even discourage authorities from responding because of the thought that it is again not genuine. But you cannot just put your safety in jeopardy just because your security cameras and alarm lose its functions. There are ways to prevent your system from producing false alarms.              

Make sure that your apparatus are free from nesting pests and insects. The camera for instance should be cleared from cobwebs and other dust particles for it to show a clear view of the area covered. Furthermore, if you are using sensors, make sure it is clear from pests housing nearby. This would not only alter the functions of the device but would also leave some marks that may produce false detection of intruders.

New security cameras have been equipped with a sensor that can detect the right weight and size of the object to react to. This would ensure that the alarm, if there is any, will only be prompted when the object is huge enough to be considered human. Pests and insects crawling in your cameras and sensors will then not affect the monitoring. This is one of the best features coming from advanced devices.

Check battery operated devices. Sometimes, you have come so secured that everything goes in place and serves its functions but the fact is that it is dying out of battery. Normally, complicated security systems come to be made up of different devices. If one device loses its power because of the absence of power source, the whole operation will be deterred.                           

Have your connections checked by the company who installed your security system. Since you have paid for their service, you can avail of maintenance services to make sure that every connection still works. Those who are in remote monitoring would benefit from such. As the connections are checked well by the company, you are sure to get the monitoring that you have paid for.

Should there be problems you will meet along the way, it is a must to check for the source of the problem as soon as possible. This would reduce the chances of inactivity to the part of the security system. Security systems are installed for the purpose of detecting possible intruders and it is not mounted solely to produce sounds that you may not even want to entertain with the thought that it is just another false alarm.

It is always advised to check for the surveillance units inside your area every now and then. This is to make sure that everything goes in place and that it can react to the need effectively without producing false alarms. The key is to keep your devices free from dust and whatever thing that may come to interfere with the process. With this, you can be sure that your security system will respond accordingly.


Monday, August 26, 2013

The Importance of Professional Security Companies

The Importance of Professional Security Companies St. Louis and St. Charles MO

Security alarm systems have come to be popular these days. Primarily, call for help during times when burglars come attacking is the concern of a lot of people. Since one cannot just see and detect when the burglars are coming, a little help will do. Besides, you cannot just keep a close watch over your home all the time.

Security alarms and cameras can just be mounted at home by you. There are many DIY security systems available in the market that you can just buy. Instructions are comprehensive that you will not find it hard to understand. However, there are security companies that you can trust to when you are planning to put up your very own security alarm system. Why ask companies when you can install it yourself? Here are some of the important points.

You will feel at ease. If you are the type who values time, dealing with a company to work for your security needs is a good help. You do not have to break a sweat just to make sure that the devices you will avail of works well. Since workers in these companies are trained to mount such devices, there is a greater chance that success is at hand.

Next, you will be given choices. You know you can just research on the security alarms you can put on your home but there is no greater choice than having to ask the experts. The knowledge you may get from researching by yourself might be limited whilst those companies may have known what you have not discovered still. You may not even know the types of sensors that you can use while the company has everything you will ever need in terms of information.
Should you choose to avail of the remote monitoring, companies would be of best help. These companies stand as central receiver of the video inputs that your devices at home may transmit. The work of the company is to make sure that irregularities are intervened and monitored closely while you are on your own doing the things you do. Leaving your home for a vacation may not even bother you as there is a company that will be on close watch over your assets.

Basically, having a deal with companies is a great relief as you are sure to be guided accordingly. You will even be faced with the probable scheme of security to make sure that you are nothing but protected. With just a push of a button or an irregular intrusion would trigger a response from the central server which will then prompt help.

Surely, having a personal touch on the security system is a good deal already but if you would want to level up your security, there are companies who are willing to help. The only downside is that you will pay more because you are asking for extra services. But if you will come to think about it, you are investing on something that is as precious as a treasure – your safety – that leaves you with no doubt but grab every opportunity just to be safe. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home Automation and Complete Surveillance Security Systems

Home Automation and Complete Surveillance Security Systems

Have you ever watched futuristic movies that feature characters using a single remote control to access different areas of his home? He uses a single panel to adjust heating, temperature, air conditioning units, security systems, alarm systems and even lighting systems. What most of us don’t know to this day is that this futuristic remote exists; there are home automation devices that are exclusively used for controlling different areas in the home.

Control your security system

With just one touch of a button you can set a code to lock your security system at specific times (when you are away or when you are asleep) and of course set codes for you and members of the household. You may also set all the different components of your security system with just one remote control like settings on your video cameras, on alarm systems, on your messaging system (to alert who in case of break-ins or breeches in security) and so much more.

Control your monitoring systems in your home

Aside from your security system, you may also control your smoke alarms, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and temperature monitoring systems. High tech monitoring systems integrate with security systems and could be programmed to call police or fire for smoke or fire detection and even call for medical assistance in case of these emergencies.

Control your air conditioning systems

A remote control system will even help you adjust settings on your air conditioning system and even your home ventilation systems. With just one click of your remote you can easily adjust to the exact temperature you want or you may also save settings for different times of the day.

Control your lighting systems

Save on electricity bills and place settings on your lighting systems at home or in your office. Automation turn off lighting and open window shades to allow natural light to come in. Lighting automation will also allow you to enter settings like mood lighting for relaxation, party lighting when you have guests and even romantic lighting when you want to relax and get romantic with your partner.
There are so many brands of remote control systems for your home or for your office. You may choose from a simple remote system or a system that will take care of all these components in your home but regardless of what you pick, you can be sure that you will have utmost peace of mind in your home or in your office.
Oftentimes, remote control systems need to be pre-programmed so you need an expert to install all your components as well as your remote system. Only an experienced contractor will help you find the best system and help you with installation and maintenance of your system. You must never overlook shopping for the ideal surveillance system along with a remote control since this IS the future of home technology and automation. The futuristic movies are true and you can enjoy this convenience in your home today.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What are the Components of a Complete Security Surveillance System?

What are the Components of a Complete Security Surveillance System?

Are you planning to purchase a complete security surveillance system for your home or office? Then you should read on for the components of a complete security system that you should not miss when you make your purchase. Note that complete systems offer better safety inside and outside your home and of course better security for the family you love.

Security cameras

Security cameras are an integral part of a complete security surveillance system. Cameras may either be for outdoor or indoor use; these must have zooming capabilities, auto focus features and automatic adjust features as well. Bonus features include night vision, movement triggers for recording, IP connectivity and messaging alert for any intruders. Depending on the size or the area that needs to be monitored, there are camera systems that come in pairs, in fours or even more than eight. These packages will significantly reduce your budget in setting up a security system in your property.

Recording and data storage device

Devices like hard drives are a must since you need to record and store massive amounts of recordings. Some hard drives are capable of storing terabytes of data while others may be connected to a DVR or a VCR for video to be stored in an external system. Choose a storage device that will allow you to transfer data via USB or Bluetooth to a computer. Be sure to consider the best brands too since you need to protect your data as efficiently as possible.

Alarm systems

A complete security surveillance system has an alarm system connected to a communication device which can contact police, fire or medical emergency services should the need arise. An alarm system must be easy to set up and control. Alarm systems are also connected to various components of the security system to gather information about a break-in or other emergency which needs immediate police response.
Some high tech homes connect not just their alarm systems with their smoke, fire or burglar alarms but also carbon monoxide alarms, temperature alarms, ventilation and AC maintenance alarms and so many more. All these add to the overall security and of course the value of your home.

Video monitoring

Video monitoring devices could be as simple as a CRT or flat screen television equipped with channels where you can view all cameras that are located in the premises. Although not necessary, video monitors should offer a clear video, audio (if equipped) and color to be able to easily ID any intruder inside or outside the home.

Control panels

Think of control panels as your remote control to operate your complete security control system at home. Controls allow you to adjust camera settings, pan or rotate cameras as you wish, adjust temperature inside your home, adjust lighting make changes in your pass codes and so much more. There are different control panels to choose from; the most popular are control panels that integrate all components of a security system so you can control these more efficiently from where you are.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Does a Security Alarm Work?

How Does a Security Alarm Work?

A security alarm is composed of several parts which are needed to provide complete security monitoring for your home and your office. All the parts of this system is wired or connected to a central control where the user can make adjustments on the different settings as well as manage saved files and program scheduled monitoring.

A simple security alarm works by simply activating the alarm; a simple system is composed of a sensor or a switch which is wired to a noisy alarm. When an intruder activates the alarm either by opening a door, breaking a window or tripping a wire, the alarm goes off automatically. This simple process is still being used in modern and updated systems however there are several modifications and additional features to help provide better and more effective security.

Security alarm – the alarm is not just wired to a sensor or switch but is also connected to a system that automatically contacts the local police or fire department in case of fire. Security alarms are connected to windows, doors, gates, garage doors and in areas where there are possible break-ins.

Security cameras – these are integral part of modern security systems. There can be one, two, three or more camera systems in a home or business establishments and these are setup in places where there is a possibility of illegal entry. Security cameras may have night vision capabilities, motion sensors, IP network monitoring (to view your recordings or live footage from an online site), pan and tilt options and automatic video adjustment settings. There are outdoor cameras with tough protective outer casings and strong weatherproof brackets while there are also indoor cameras of different size,s shape and lens type.
Security cameras are connected to recording device like a DVR, a VHS recorder or a hard drive to record long videos and even 24/7. There are also recording systems that will only record when a sensor is activated.

Sensors – there are different sensors that may be found in a complete security system and these may depend on the kind of environment you have as well as the type of business you have. Sensors may either be heat sensors, smoke detectors, glass break sensors, door and window sensors, flood sensors, motion sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, freeze sensors, garage door sensors or recessed door sensors. Some security systems allow the user to choose or to personalize his own system for his home or business.

Remote control or control panel – convenience is the most important factor in updated security systems. 
Most now have a central panel or remote control where you can access all the features of the system and make the necessary changes or adjustments as the need arises. For example, programming the system to text or email you for any emergency is your option when you are away but upon arriving you may set the system to call your partner or your mother in case of an emergency even when you are at home.