Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hybrid Security Camera Systems

The Best Hybrid DVR Security Camera Systems in the Market Today

There are so many hybrid DVR security camera systems in the market today and you simply cannot pick the best system without a clear understanding of what a hybrid DVR is all about. A hybrid DVR is a recording device that is used for security surveillance; it is hybrid since it can support video from CCTV or analog cameras as well as IP cameras. There are so many advantages of choosing this kind of DVR system and one of this is the ability to expand your surveillance system in the future at no extra cost. And if you want to find the most efficient system for your business or property, take a look at the most popular hybrid DVRs in the market today:

Samsung SDR-5200 – this is a 16 channel HDTV hybrid DVR with real time recording capabilities at high quality resolutions. It has 4 HD inputs, with RJ45 inputs, 4 audio inputs and 12 BNC inputs. And since this product is a Samsung, expect high quality video compression and easy to use features which will benefit even novice users. The Samsung SDR-5200 is less than $750 online.

LG LE5016D-NH – this is a 16 channel H.264 hybrid DVR security system with built-in real-time recording and security features. It is capable of 2 channel IP camera support, with a user-friendly GUI, easy to adjust and personalize channels, alarm notifications and 2-way audio support. File backup is a breeze with USB port/network connectivity or via internal DVD-RW. Comes with a remote control and mouse. The LG LE5016D-NH is available at around $1,900 online.

Talos DRH4121 – this is a 16-channel hybrid HD-SDI DVR capable of 1080p output and 60/120 FPS. With 4 channel HD and 12 channel D1. Comes with a 1 TB hard disc drive. The Talos DRH4121 is available online at around $1,030 online.

HDVR MT-HDVR5016T – this is an affordable hybrid stand-alone DVR with dual stream HDMI output. It is a DVR/HVR/NVR in one. Capable of H.264 compression format, built in Intelligent Analysis System, online access via cloud service, with 16 channel D1 real time recording. 16 channel playback, 16 channel alarm input and so many more. This product also supports 3G Mobile Phone View, comes with an external Wi-Fi port, HDMI output and supports a variety of languages. The HDVR MT-HDVR5016T is available online at around $450.

Heivision Hybrid DVR – this is a HD-SDI hybrid DVR with 8 channels at H.264 and at 1080p output. This also has 4 channel recorder capabilities for HD-SDI cameras, 4 channel for standard CCTV or analog cameras and HDMI outputs. The Heivision does not come with an internal hard drive. Your purchase comes with a 1-year warranty when you but from HDSecurityStore. The Heivision hybrid DVR is around $900 online.

These are just some of the most popular and highly rated hybrid DVR systems online. It is best to consult a security surveillance company to find out the best security system that will work for your business or for your residential needs. 

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