Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UL 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

24 Hour UL Monitoring Versus an Ordinary Alarm Monitoring System

An alarm monitoring system is a security system that protects a home or a business establishment from intruders and other emergencies. It is made of several components like video cameras, data storage systems, alarm systems, lighting, video surveillance monitors and so many more. And just when you think that an alarm monitoring system is enough to provide your home or business utmost security there is a far better choice when it comes to total protection and security. A 24-hour UL monitoring security system. The following are the possible advantages of a 24-hour monitoring security system over a regular security system:

Instant emergency and intruder response

Although there are regular systems that can immediately inform users of an intruder in the premises through email or text, nothing can compare with an immediate response of police, fire or medical team in case of any emergency. 24-hour UL monitoring systems are tested for immediate response and there is no room for failure or mistakes. When your home or business security system detects an intruder, fire, smoke or if a panic button or emergency signal is activated, the system will immediately send a message to a central response station which in turn will inform police, fire, rescue or an emergency medical team to respond quickly. There is a streamlined approach to any emergency and this could totally help improve safety and security in any residential or commercial setting. Regular security systems will never be able to signal for help, it will merely record video evidence of the event or trigger an alarm that will inform the homeowner or business owner and neighbors that there has been a break-in.

Total peace of mind

Definitely a 24-hour UL monitoring system will offer complete peace of mind compared to a simple security monitoring system. A 24-hour system will quickly call for help depending on the type of emergency and will never fail no matter what. A simpler system on the other hand will inform homeowners or a business owner that there has been a break in along with a video or file evidence but will do nothing to call for help to immediately capture the intruder. ]
In case of fire, smoke or carbon monoxide accumulation, a 24-hour system will quickly trigger an alarm and call for an emergency team or rescue team to arrive. Regular systems may not be wired together with your fire alarm as well as smoke detection systems. Your home or business may still be at risk.

The cost

A 24-hour UL monitoring is definitely more expensive since the system alone is different from a regular system. The user will also need to pay for a monthly fee for maintenance and any repairs as well as subscription to a central response station. But of course, all these expenses are nothing compared to the utmost peace of mind and total security that your home or business have. Take time to know different companies in your area that distributes and maintains 24-hour alarm monitoring systems before you make your purchase.

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