Monday, September 30, 2013

Security Cameras St. Louis Hybrid

Why Use a Hybrid DVR Security Camera System?

A hybrid DVR security camera system is a security monitoring and recording system that aims to record in the highest quality video and crisp audio. It is called a hybrid since it supports CCTV cameras or closed circuit TV cameras and IP cameras or video surveillance cameras that can record and show images through the web. Most businesses use CCTV cameras since these types of cameras offer standard recording capabilities and are very affordable; IP cameras on the other hand offer easy access or viewing through an online interface however these are more expensive compared to regular CCTV cameras.

For a growing business, the most recommended security camera system is a hybrid DVR since this type of recording system allows you to expand your video surveillance as you expand your business. Here are some great reasons why you should invest in a high quality DVR system instead of a regular recording device:

As your business or company grows, so will your security concerns. A hybrid DVR system will ready your business for the high demands of security monitoring as well as the demands of providing efficient customer service. You will be able to expand and upgrade your security system at no extra cost. From regular CCTV camera systems you can upgrade to IP camera monitoring without the need to buy a new recording device. You save money, effort and time which are very important in any business or company.

A hybrid DVR device may be quite expensive in the beginning but will certainly pay off in the future since online or mobile monitoring is the next big step in close security surveillance. Imagine checking up on your business, your company and your employees with just your mobile device when you are at home or in a business trip. You can increase your productivity and improve your security surveillance monitoring with very little cost in the future.

There is nothing more valuable than having peace of mind when you have a durable and efficient hybrid DVR security system. This means you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business like your customers, your products and the various services that you offer. When you have total peace of mind you will be able to concentrate on growing your business; this comes without saying when you have one of the most efficient DVR security camera systems in the market today.

Hybrid DVR security camera systems are very easy to use and are very practical for any type of business. There is no need for additional staff training or maintenance since these systems are maintained just like any regular security camera systems.

There are so many hybrid DVR brands in the market and it could be very hard to tell which one will be the best one for your business. The best way is to consult a security surveillance company that will provide free advice on clients’ surveillance needs. Reading consumer reviews will also help you find the best company to deal with for your business or residential security surveillance needs. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hybrid Security Camera Systems

The Best Hybrid DVR Security Camera Systems in the Market Today

There are so many hybrid DVR security camera systems in the market today and you simply cannot pick the best system without a clear understanding of what a hybrid DVR is all about. A hybrid DVR is a recording device that is used for security surveillance; it is hybrid since it can support video from CCTV or analog cameras as well as IP cameras. There are so many advantages of choosing this kind of DVR system and one of this is the ability to expand your surveillance system in the future at no extra cost. And if you want to find the most efficient system for your business or property, take a look at the most popular hybrid DVRs in the market today:

Samsung SDR-5200 – this is a 16 channel HDTV hybrid DVR with real time recording capabilities at high quality resolutions. It has 4 HD inputs, with RJ45 inputs, 4 audio inputs and 12 BNC inputs. And since this product is a Samsung, expect high quality video compression and easy to use features which will benefit even novice users. The Samsung SDR-5200 is less than $750 online.

LG LE5016D-NH – this is a 16 channel H.264 hybrid DVR security system with built-in real-time recording and security features. It is capable of 2 channel IP camera support, with a user-friendly GUI, easy to adjust and personalize channels, alarm notifications and 2-way audio support. File backup is a breeze with USB port/network connectivity or via internal DVD-RW. Comes with a remote control and mouse. The LG LE5016D-NH is available at around $1,900 online.

Talos DRH4121 – this is a 16-channel hybrid HD-SDI DVR capable of 1080p output and 60/120 FPS. With 4 channel HD and 12 channel D1. Comes with a 1 TB hard disc drive. The Talos DRH4121 is available online at around $1,030 online.

HDVR MT-HDVR5016T – this is an affordable hybrid stand-alone DVR with dual stream HDMI output. It is a DVR/HVR/NVR in one. Capable of H.264 compression format, built in Intelligent Analysis System, online access via cloud service, with 16 channel D1 real time recording. 16 channel playback, 16 channel alarm input and so many more. This product also supports 3G Mobile Phone View, comes with an external Wi-Fi port, HDMI output and supports a variety of languages. The HDVR MT-HDVR5016T is available online at around $450.

Heivision Hybrid DVR – this is a HD-SDI hybrid DVR with 8 channels at H.264 and at 1080p output. This also has 4 channel recorder capabilities for HD-SDI cameras, 4 channel for standard CCTV or analog cameras and HDMI outputs. The Heivision does not come with an internal hard drive. Your purchase comes with a 1-year warranty when you but from HDSecurityStore. The Heivision hybrid DVR is around $900 online.

These are just some of the most popular and highly rated hybrid DVR systems online. It is best to consult a security surveillance company to find out the best security system that will work for your business or for your residential needs. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

24 hour Security Alarm Monitoring St.Louis

What is a 24-Hour Monitoring Security System?

A 24-hour monitoring security system is an alarm system that is used for residential or commercial establishments. This alarm system is an updated and complete system which is made up of video cameras, glass break systems, alarm systems, lighting, video recording devices, storage systems and so many more. The system is wired or connected to a central control or central response system where messages are sent to suitable emergency response teams. Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alerts are sent to a nearby fire department, intruder alerts and break-ins are sent to police departments that serve the area while medical emergencies and panic emergencies are sent to hospitals or medical emergency stations in the area for quick medical response.

A 24-hour alarm monitoring system must never fail therefore it is maintained and checked by licensed technicians who are experts in a particular alarm monitoring brand or system. Periodic maintenance will help ensure safety and security in any emergency situation and will also provide peace of mind in behalf of the property owner, homeowner or business owner.

Switching from a regular alarm monitoring system to a 24-hour alarm system

Definitely it is very convenient and very practical to have a 24-hour alarm and monitoring security system but what if you already have a security system in place? Do you have to get rid of your old system to update? Actually there are companies that will help switch your regular security system into a 24-hour alarm and monitoring system. A system upgrade is a cost effective and definitely a smart decision for any homeowner or business owner since you don’t have to buy a new updated system and neither will you throw an outdated system away.

It takes as short as a few hours to convert your system into an updated 24-hour monitoring service. After additional hardware is installed in your home or in your business, your system will be programmed to contact the control or central response system with the use of a designated account number. Every time your alarm system contacts the central response system for assistance, police, ambulance team or fire teams will quickly proceed to your residence or business establishment.

The contractor that updated your system will also be responsible in maintaining your monitoring system and will also be able to respond for any repairs. For most 24-hour monitoring alarm systems, the homeowner or business owner pays for a monthly or yearly subscription. This subscription covers maintenance and repairs on the system. The subscription payment may also cover the services of the central monitoring station since this is also maintained to ensure that it will never fail or go off line.

Looking for 24 hour monitoring system contractors

With a simple online search, you will be able to find a suitable 24-hour monitoring security system contractor. Be sure to do your homework and find the best company according to their experience and the brands of security systems that they handle. Choose local help so you may easily visit their local office for any of your concerns about security monitoring. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

24/7 hour UL Monitoring

The Benefits of 24-Hour UL Monitoring

Are you wary of using a 24-hour monitoring system for your home because of the overall cost of the equipment and service subscription? Experts in property investment agree that having an efficient residential or commercial monitoring system such as a 24-hour UL monitoring is the best security system to have. It has a number of benefits for residential and for commercial or business establishments.

Benefits of a 24-hour UL monitoring system to a residential property

A home or residential property will improve its market value with this kind of feature installed. If the owner decides to rent or sell his property, he will likely be able to command a higher value since more and more buyers and renters are choosing properties with 24-hour security system compared to those that only have a regular security system.
Homeowners will have utmost peace of mind since this security system will provide 24 hour security and automatic response for any emergencies or break-ins. Having peace of mind is priceless and homeowners can focus on other worthwhile things other than monitoring his property and ensuring the safety of his family.

This system is fully compatible with regular systems and is very easy to install. The amount you spend initially for a new device or for an upgrade of your old system along with a service subscription is a small price to pay for total peace of mind that homeowners deserve.
24-hour UL monitoring systems are expandable and are sure to work 100% of the time which is why these systems are given the UL mark of quality. Even when you plan to renovate your property, improve the security within the perimeter of your property or enhance the security system indoors, you can bet that a 24-hour monitoring will still work best with your needs.

Benefits of a 24-hour UL monitoring system for commercial establishments

Commercial or business properties will be totally secure with this kind of monitoring system. If you are a business owner and you have expensive equipment, computer systems, valuable documents and other important items in your office or company then you may want to invest in a 24-hour UL monitoring system to fully optimize your business’ safety and security.
Business owners will also have utmost peace of mind with this efficient security monitoring system. And with utmost peace of mind, he can concentrate on more important things in his business like creating new products or services, marketing strategies, new marketing campaigns, competitor studies and employee training. When a business owner has peace of mind, he will likely be able to run his business more efficiently.

Customers and clients will appreciate a business that cares for their safety and security. Customers of a restaurant or convenience store will likely patronize an establishment where they feel more secure and business partners will likely invest in a company that ensures the safety and security of its assets. All of these contribute to better revenue, improved customer service and better brand appeal.