Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Arm and Disarm Your Home DSC Alarm with Your iPhone in St.Louis

How to Arm and Disarm Your Home Alarm with Your iPhone

Your iPhone is not just for calls, text, Internet access and for entertainment; do you know that you can also access your home alarm system with your device? With the help of special apps through your iPhone, you will be able to do the following:

Access live recordings and saved video data from your receiver. Your iPhone needs to connect to the internet, access your provided online account and access your video through an interface to view recordings. This is handy when you are away or when you are not at home to personally protect your family.
Arm and disarm your system through the provided interface. Your home automation or alarm system will also provide you an interface where you can access most of the features of your home automation remote. 

You will be able to completely arm your DSC system with the use of the codes that you also use at home or if you are already home; you can use your iPhone to disarm your security system.
This convenient feature is actually possible with other handy devices that can connect to the internet like a BlackBerry, iPad, Window’s Phone or an android phone. This makes using this feature more convenient than ever.
Remote control features of your security system with your iPhone with the use of convenient apps. Like controlling your video cameras’ pan, tilt and zoom options, you may also control features like night vision, video resolution and so many more.

If you are new to using apps in your smartphone or android phone to arm and disarm your security settings at home, you must remember the following tips:
Be cautious about your surroundings when you access your smartphone; your log in and password information to access your online account may easily be seen or overheard by people around you. Your personal information should also be kept secure at all times; if you are using a device with larger screen you may use a screen protector with a filter to prevent people from overlooking your screen from either sides of the device.

Your phone or device is your personal property; if you will use your phone to access your DSC security system at home and arm and disarm your home automation, do not lend your phone to anyone if possible.
Surely you will have other members of your family who knows how to access your home’s security system and automated system with the use of a remote device; you need to educate members of your family as well as household help that you entrust with your codes. Educating members of your family includes cautioning them in accessing the app in a public place as well as avoiding lending their phones to other people.
All of these tips will provide peace of mind for you and your family. Use your smartphone, android or iPad DSC home alarm app wisely and you will definitely be able to manage your home automation and security better.

Eye Spy Electronics can assist you with setting your phone to assist you in all you automation request for your home and more.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Most Popular Security Alarm System Brands used in the Saint Louis-Saint Charles area

Popular Security Alarm System Brands

If you are shopping for the ideal security alarm system for your home or business in the St. Louis and St. Charles area, you may be flooded with different models, brands and features. Which one is the most suitable brand for your needs? Here are three of the most popular security alarm system brands to check out:

DSC (Digital Security Controls) is a popular international brand when it comes to electronic security. The name DSC is one of the developers of security system features like updated control panels, sleeker and stylish system designs, self-contained panels and so many more impressive innovations. DSC started in 1979 and has been the brand that introduced the first system that uses a keypad and embedded micro-processors for faster and more efficient security performance.
The latest DSC security system products that you may check out from their site are sleeker, convenient and more practical to use. It’s your choice of different panels, keypads, transceivers, modules and so many more. Check out their site at

Ademco is all about providing products that are made for intrusion and communications; Ademco security systems have well-designed features, are robust for residential or commercial use and are very affordable compared to other security systems. The Ademco Vista is the flagship model for the company and this security system is available in different parts and accessories like control panels, burglary alarm controls, commercial alarm controls, partitioned systems and eight-zone control panels to name a few.
Ademco is also popular with a variety of products like wireless security products, alarms and communications, alarm sensors, cables and wiring, demo kits, keypads, control panels and so many more. You may visit their site at for more details about the company’s products, services and support.

2Gig Security Systems
2Gig is a security system provider which started in 2007. The company is behind so many flexible and reasonably-priced security system technologies which will provide the best security solutions for homes and businesses. 2Gig is also one of the first innovators of security systems with touch screen control panels, access to the Internet as well as remote access using your smart phone or android phone.
2Gig products are made of advanced security systems and components like security cameras, control panels with LED monitors, wireless keypads, window and door contacts, switches, panic buttons, remotes, infrared motion detectors, smoke and heat alarms, glass break detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, garage door receivers and many more. You may check out other 2Gig products and up-coming security components at
In your choice of the best system you must take extra effort in studying your options. Read online reviews regarding security system brands and models and compare features of each one. Take your time, if possible look for professional help. You must talk to experienced installers and suppliers as you study your options. Installation could also be an issue so rely on trained installers who are well-skilled in the particular system and brand that you wish to use for your home or your office to reduce serious and costly mistakes. 

While all of these brands of security alarms pretty much do the same end result, the cost can increase or decrease so it is best to let Eye Spy Electronics with our 20 years experience assist you in picking the right burglar alarm equipment.We are located in O'Fallon MO but service Saint Louis, Saint Charles, Saint Peters, Wentzville and more about 100 miles from our location. Our Nation Accounts Division handles most of the United States for multi locations.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Using IP Surveillance Security Cameras Saint Louis Area

The Advantages of Using an IP Camera

IP or internet protocol cameras are cameras that offer the best convenience in security monitoring whether you are using cameras for your home or for your business. One of the best features of IP cameras are that its unique ability to be accessed remotely from the camera location. And this is not just accessing from your bedroom or living room, IP cameras convert video signals into data that can be accessed online. So you can see or monitor your home or business from your smartphone, android phone, tablet or from an Internet cafĂ© at the most convenient time for you. 
We are located in Saint Charles and the Saint Louis area!
IP cameras may also have other advantages that you may find helpful in your home or business:

Ease of use – you can use this camera system as soon as it is installed. Most IP cameras are wireless although there are units that are permanently wired; it just takes a few minutes to install a wireless IP camera and  afterwards you may already set up your system over the web. Users are provided with an online account protected by a password this makes sure that only the user can have access to his recordings and settings of his surveillance system.

Pan and tilt options – look for IP cameras with these options; you may even be able to control these features over the web so you can have full control over your recordings or monitoring.

Users confidence – add more confidence in the safety of your home with an IP camera. You can have total security and the feeling of total confidence that your home, property and business are safe; you can even place different IP cameras in strategic places inside or outside your property for total convenience.

Email or SMS alerts – a special feature called email alert or SMS alert allows the system to tell you if there is an intruder or any unusual activity in the premises. You will receive an email alert along with a snapshot of the scene delivered straight to your email inbox and in your smartphone or android phone.

Price is worth the convenience – this is one of the most common comment by IP camera users; IP cameras my come with an expensive price tag but the features like online viewing, remote viewing, tilt, pan and zoom features and email alerts are really worth the price. However if you are looking for a budget IP camera model, you may compare different models and camera prices online.

Design – most IP cameras are uniquely designed and are made to withstand changes in climate and weather. Some have protective housing, stronger harnesses and better enclosure for cables and wiring; this offers better protection from vandals and tampering especially when you are going to install the IP camera outdoors.
To get the best IP camera suitable for your home or business the best way is to compare products online. Take time learning all the features beforehand so you can purchase the ideal unit for your needs.

We service about 100 mile range from Saint Louis to sell service and install security cameras. Please call or email us for more information.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Advantages of Dome Surveillance Security Camera Systems

                                           The Advantages of Dome Security Camera 

Dome surveillance security cameras are cameras that you would often find in commercial establishments in the Saint Louis and or St. Charles area. This consists of a camera that is enclosed in a tinted dome; the camera can have pan and tilt (PTZ) features that will allow surveillance of the perimeter without anyone knowing. Dome CCTV can also be none PTZ and a fixed lens. The reason for this it is cheaper than a PTZ. Dome cameras are like any other security surveillance cameras, it is connected to a video recording device or a receiver with ample memory space. It may also be connected to a video monitor to view recordings as they happen. Dome cameras may be wired or wireless; you can find a variety of dome camera designs, accessories and mounting solutions to fit your kind of business. Here are some advantages of dome surveillance security camera systems to help you with your choice:

  •                  Total security – Whether you are using dome cameras indoors or outdoors, you can be sure that your system is vandal-proof and tamper proof. Most domes are made of tamper proof glass which can withstand any kind of weather or climate. Videos are uninterrupted plus units are able to pan and tilt to provide total perimeter security.

Other than these features, dome cameras may also point and zoom to allow the viewer to easily identify subjects that are being monitored.

  •            Easy to install – whether you are using a wired or wireless dome camera system you can be sure that these are easy to install. You won’t need mounting apparatuses or any appliance to mount dome units; this means easy installation, less hassles and more affordable installation fees.


  •           Easy to set up – while most cameras need to be installed and pointed to the subject or area to be monitored manually, dome cameras have pen and tilt capabilities to take care of these for you. All you need is to install the camera indoors or outdoors and control the pan and tilt features from the handy system interface.

  •      Intimidating – dome shaped cameras are considered the most intimidating camera systems of all since you will never know when you are being monitored. The dark tint of this kind of camera makes it a threatening unit to display anywhere.

The use of fake dome cameras has become a widespread way to intimidate intruders easily. You may find fake camera systems and housing from specialty surveillance security retail shops online.

  •         Less maintenance – dome shaped cameras offer less maintenance than ordinary surveillance camera systems; since the camera system is located inside a protective dome, there are fewer issues when it comes to repair or problems with failing parts or accessories. The most you need to do to maintain your dome camera is to wipe the dome regularly to ensure perfect video recordings.

A dome surveillance security camera system may not be applicable for all kinds of homes or businesses; therefore you need to shop for the ideal system by comparing features, specs and by reading security camera reviews online. Be sure to learn about the pros and cons of different security cameras beforehand to determine which is appropriate to use. 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Analog and IP Security Camera Differances

Analog Cameras versus IP Cameras

Which works better, analog cameras or IP cameras? In the search for the best St. Louis surveillance camera this may be one of the most common questions you will ever encounter. There are so many ways analog cameras differ from IP camera and vice versa  to get to know each one and which one would work best in your situation, here is a short list of their features:

Video quality

Video quality is the ability of a St. Charles CCTV surveillance camera to deliver clear, crisp and vivid video footage minus any distortion which may affect the quality of video recordings. And when it comes to video quality, analog cameras are better since these units have stable wiring and signals are never interrupted. Analog cameras will never suffer from interference. IP cameras offer high video quality but relaying video information from the camera to the surveillance system may be affected by speed of transfer of data on the web. When there is faster Internet service, you can guarantee faster response times and of course video quality follows.

Ease of use

CCTV Surveillance Analog cameras records video and stores it in a recording device like a receiver or a digital recorder for you and you may view your recorded data from an attached video monitor. You may also save data on a data card to be stored or viewed from your laptop or computer. IP cameras are basically more practical to use than analog cameras since you can view your recordings online; there are also IP camera brands that provide an online user’s account where he can manage his stored data and make changes in the camera’s settings. Viewing your IP camera recordings online is total convenience in any homeowner or business owner’s part since he can work, spend time with his family or do other leisure activities while keeping a close eye on his property or business. An IP camera may not offer clearer video monitoring but it is indispensable in remote monitoring.

Camera features

Although CCTV analog surveillance cameras do not have remote viewing features (this is only done through the DVR) there are also some great features that may still be worth it like better night vision, auto focus capabilities, more channels and better camera sensors. IP cameras have a better picture enhancement features but provides unique features like motion detection, email alerts or SMS alerts, object detection and so many more. When you are in the market for a great camera surveillance system or the ideal camera to suit your indoor or outdoor needs, take time to compare one camera system from others so you can get the features that you will need for your home or business.

The price 

With no doubt the analog security cameras are a lower cost. The IP cameras have a few more features to enhance play back blow up. I would say the IP is about double the price when all said and done.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through our web site. or securitycamerasstl either site will assist you in finding a great company to help you in all your surveillance cctv needs.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Monitored Security Burglar Alarm System

Security systems are specifically engineered in order to protect your homes or business from trespassers, burglars and other people who have criminal intentions. There are a wide variety of security systems which uses different devices that are used to provide added security to your business or home which include motion sensors, security cameras and security alarms. These devices are being categorized into for major types: monitored, unmonitored, hardwired and wireless.

This type of system works in such a way that when the alarm that is installed was triggered, a call center that is monitoring the system will be notified. An operator who is working in that call center will then call the home that sent the signal and will check if the people who lives there are safe. In case that the operator found out that a burglar is attempting to break-in which triggered the alarm, he will then contact the authorities and the area and will send help. The main drawback in this type of system is the fact that it is highly dependent on the phone lines and disabling of this can compromise the security, however, there are now devices that can be used to prevent this from happening. Another drawback is the length of time that it usually takes an operator to call the number in question which is around 30 to 40 seconds which is enough time for the criminals to enter your home before the help arrives.

Unmonitored Security System

This usually is dependent on the loud noise that it can produce. They usually generate sounds or sirens once the alarm was triggered. The main goal of these types of security system is to scare the burglars away. The good thing about this is the fact that you don’t need to pay additional fee for a company to monitor your system, the downside however is the fact that you are responsible for calling the authorities and in case that you are not around, the responsibility will fall into the hands of your neighbor.

Hardwired Security System

This is dependent on the wiring that is responsible for the transmission of data from the sensor as well as other devices to a console or control panel. The control panel is usually located in a place that is hidden and uses a keypad in order to either activate or deactivate the alarm. The downside of having this kind of system falls under its installation which may require a lot of work in order to do it.

This type of system does not require any wiring so they are easy to install and at the same time gives you the flexibility of installing them wherever you want. It also gives you the convenience of bringing the system along with you in case that you decide to move to another home. This system however is more prone to different types of disruptions which can be brought about by electromagnetic interference which may require you to replace the batteries which can be sometimes costly.

The team here at Eye Spy Electronics is here to serve your security alarm needs and wants. Have a piece of mind with our services.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do It Yourself Burglar, Security Alarm Installing with a low cost Monitoring Service

Eye Spy Electronics now offers DYI security alarm service.

1. How this works. While we do target the St. Louis and St. Charles Mo area we still provide alarm monitoring for most of the United States. If you do not know how to program an alarm panel but can install window and doors contacts this is a great option for you to save money.

2. You can buy the equipment from us and have us monitor you DSC, Ademco burglar alarms. We can program the panel before it ships or we can schedule a time to call up the panel and program it for you.
    The way most security companies in the St. Louis area makes and pays their bills is by charging you the customer a very expensive trip charge and a hefty hourly rate. They also charge a very high monthly monitoring rate.

3. How much do we charge a month for out DYI or not DYI monitoring? We don't advertise this because of our competitors. We do not want them to know all of our business or secrets.

4. 2GIG also offers a great alarm panel that can controls your doors and more. We recommend the DSC and Ademco Burglar alarm panels. Why because we can call the panel and program for you. You may decide you need something changed perfect we call it for you and make the changes in a few minutes.

5. Wired or wireless? Hard wired security alarms are idea for most applications. The thing with wired is you would have ti run a wire to each motion, each door and window your would want to contact. A contact is like a magnet when the door opens the magnet breaks and the panel knows this door or window is open. A motion can be a pet motion so you would have to weigh under like 40 lbs for the motion not to work. They are made for different weights up to like 100 lbs or so. A smoke or heat detector can be wired or wireless as well. Glass breaks the same wired or wireless. While the keypad pad can be connected wired or wireless always hard wire this device.

6. The wireless are idea for a finished house or business. When the drywall is all finished with no basement or a finished basement wireless burglar alarms are perfect. The batteries will last about 2 years or so. The range depends on the building being wood or medal. Medal and wireless don't get along so well.

7. If you would like to find out more about our program for DSC and Ademco security alarms and monitoring please visit our web site and feel free to call us or email us.