Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Reduce Occurrence of False Alarms on your Security System

How to Reduce Occurrence of False Alarms on your Security System

Just when you thought you have all the protection you need against burglars, you have realized that it has given you false alarms most of the time. Having false alarms may even discourage authorities from responding because of the thought that it is again not genuine. But you cannot just put your safety in jeopardy just because your security cameras and alarm lose its functions. There are ways to prevent your system from producing false alarms.              

Make sure that your apparatus are free from nesting pests and insects. The camera for instance should be cleared from cobwebs and other dust particles for it to show a clear view of the area covered. Furthermore, if you are using sensors, make sure it is clear from pests housing nearby. This would not only alter the functions of the device but would also leave some marks that may produce false detection of intruders.

New security cameras have been equipped with a sensor that can detect the right weight and size of the object to react to. This would ensure that the alarm, if there is any, will only be prompted when the object is huge enough to be considered human. Pests and insects crawling in your cameras and sensors will then not affect the monitoring. This is one of the best features coming from advanced devices.

Check battery operated devices. Sometimes, you have come so secured that everything goes in place and serves its functions but the fact is that it is dying out of battery. Normally, complicated security systems come to be made up of different devices. If one device loses its power because of the absence of power source, the whole operation will be deterred.                           

Have your connections checked by the company who installed your security system. Since you have paid for their service, you can avail of maintenance services to make sure that every connection still works. Those who are in remote monitoring would benefit from such. As the connections are checked well by the company, you are sure to get the monitoring that you have paid for.

Should there be problems you will meet along the way, it is a must to check for the source of the problem as soon as possible. This would reduce the chances of inactivity to the part of the security system. Security systems are installed for the purpose of detecting possible intruders and it is not mounted solely to produce sounds that you may not even want to entertain with the thought that it is just another false alarm.

It is always advised to check for the surveillance units inside your area every now and then. This is to make sure that everything goes in place and that it can react to the need effectively without producing false alarms. The key is to keep your devices free from dust and whatever thing that may come to interfere with the process. With this, you can be sure that your security system will respond accordingly.


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