Friday, May 31, 2013

Bad guys and Surveillance CCTV Security Cameras

Bad guys and Cameras

CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras are one of the staple security systems invented to protect your business. It is effective in capturing images of evil doers who are out in society causing harm to any innocent person. To be able to know how to utilize this ingenious invention, here are some things that you should think about.

First and foremost, you should know what kind of CCTV camera you are going to use. There are plenty of types of cameras available on the internet and each one has different capabilities that will suit different needs. For example, there are high resolution cameras that relay images to a central computer and there are medium resolution cameras that are used to capture images on tape. Each type differs in its cost and usage. The first camera is usually used in large establishments like casinos and corporations that can afford its high cost of buying and maintenance. The other type which is the medium resolution is usually used in small scale businesses because they require minimal financial investment compared to the high resolution ones. They do not, however, diminish the power to detect and identify the culprits who are out to do harm to you.

Another thing that should be thought out when you get these cameras is that you should know where specifically they should be placed to optimize their potential. Placement in a bad corner could spell disaster when an unfortunate event happens in your location. For example, if you get robbed and you placed your camera in a spot where your counter is not fully captured, the culprit could easily cover their face and slip away. If the placement, however, is located so that the face of the perpetrator is easily captured and covers the whole store, the police can easily identify who it is and make the arrest without any doubts.

Safekeeping of the data being gathered from the camera is essential. This is because the data will be used to identify and convict criminals when they commit their crime. One type of data storage that CCTV cameras use is videotaping. This is where the images taken from the camera are stored in a videotape for a specific timeframe. But the problem with this is that there is a limited memory bank on a video tape so that is why some have turned to digital storage. This is better because digital memory can be expanded to your personal needs and the needs of your business. It also allows you to make copies of the video easily whereas making copies of videotapes takes a bit of time to do.

These are but only a few of the things that you should keep in mind to be able to maximize the potential of the CCTV camera. There are plenty of things that you should think about like picture quality, frames per second captured and more. If you are going to use this for the first time, better consult with a professional first so that you will have an idea on how to do it. It will definitely save yourself and your business in the future should bad things happen.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Useful Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring During Family Getaways

Useful Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring During Family Getaways in the St. louis area!

Are you always present during the important dates of the family? Do you not attend for certain reasons? Celebrating important family occasions out of town is an ideal thing to do because it helps the whole family enjoy the celebration at its fullest and most importantly, it gives the family a closer bond to each other. It seems that no one want to be left behind from these get together, right? Well, if you have a Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring, you do not need to worry about your house’s safety while away.

As the product name states, Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring has the capacity to secure your home or business 24 hours daily. There are a lot more you ought to look ahead to this one of a kind product. Once you buy this product, you can able to enjoy its features – door contacts, windows contacts, and keypad, you will get a call or receive an email once an alarm occurs and each family member or employee can have their own password in order to track employees. Plus, a 10% of monthly insurance is saved.

This security alarm product is such an advantage to every home owner because it can definitely give what its customers want. This security alarm can let home owner have an access to it anywhere in the world. To illustrate, the manufacturer of this specific product offers home automation products that can able to send email alerts or calls to its consumers every time the doors are left open or in case of pipe bursts or any kind of such incident. Aside from this, the user can also set unique passwords for friends, family or renters in order to make the commercial alarm system more protected. Another thing is you have the full control to activate or deactivate an alarm using the internet.

Upon knowing what Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring can offer you, you and your family can peacefully celebrate special occasions out of town or anywhere in the world without worrying what’s happening with your properties. The family can fully enjoy every event they celebrate together because nothing is bothering in their minds. Furthermore, they can take pictures and videos as much as they could to create documented memories for these events. The family can take a look at them for a while every time they miss and want to recall such happenings.

Lastly, having great time family getaways is always possible even for days or weeks, etc. It made possible because of the convenient features this Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring product can offer. Through mobile or laptop, home owners can have a full access in securing their properties while in distant places. Aside from this, they can continue their vacation with peace of mind because of the useful features it offers.  So if you do not have one now, secure your family to have this monitoring alarm. This is such a great help in monitoring home as well as business properties. Be at peace and feel secure!

Friday, May 17, 2013

What are the Benefits of Using Surveillance Security Systems in the St. Louis area?

Do you know that there are already business ordinances on placing surveillance systems in every business establishment in large developed cities? Do you also know that you can deter criminals from your home with the use of an outdoor surveillance security system? If you are a homeowner or a business owner chances are you have also thought of using a security camera for your property; with the high crime rate these days, security cameras will be able to help protect and secure your family, employees, your property and your investment. What are other benefits of using surveillance security systems? Here are more advantages that you certainly must consider:

Aside from protecting your home from external threats you will also be able to deter possible criminal activities inside your home or your business. In a home, you can use a security camera to monitor your household help or check on the nanny as she takes care of your kids. In a business setting, you will be able to use cameras to check up on your employees’ productivity and monitor important areas of your office like your desk, the reception area and conference halls.

With video surveillance systems at home you can feel at ease even when you are away. There are video systems that transmit data through the web with a special interface. This allows users to view their video recordings anywhere with the use of the web; with the use of any portable web access device like a smartphone, android phone, tablet or Windows phone you will be able to check on your property and your family even when you are away at work, on a business trip or on a vacation.
This is a feature that will also be handy in a business setting; you can monitor production from your factory, check with your employees and secure your office as you view everything that happens through an online interface.

Video surveillance systems will improve the value of your property; a home with an indoor and outdoor security system will significantly improve its market value since this is an update or feature that more buyers are attracted to in the market. Video surveillance systems must go hand in hand with alarm systems, efficient locking mechanisms that should be installed in doorways, windows, garage doors and gates. Technically you may be able to sell or lease your property for a higher price.

Video surveillance systems will provide a sense of security in your customers and for people in your home. The feeling of being secured will help improve your business and will attract more customers to buy your products or avail the services you offer. Your family will also get to enjoy home life more and live to the fullest thanks to efficient video surveillance systems.

You can shop for the best home or business security surveillance camera systems online and read consumer reviews before you make your purchase. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Turn Your Lights On and Off With Your Automatic DSC 2Gig Home Security System

Turn Your Lights On and Off With Your Automatic DSC and 2Gig Home Security System St. Louis and St. Charles

Home automated systems control a home’s vital needs. From temperature to security, a single remote will be able to manage all these to provide homeowners with utmost security.
Probably the basic thing that you can do with a home automated system with the use of a “universal” remote is turn your lights one and off. Just like any regular home, an automated home needs to reduce power consumption hence turning the lights off reduce use effectively. But with the use of a home remote, you can do more than just turning the lights on and off.

You can schedule your home’s lighting needs with your automated system. You don’t need to personally click a button to power off lighting in your patio or your porch, your system will do this for you as long as you schedule when it will be done. Imagine how much power you can save when you don’t forget to turn off even a single light bulb in your home! You may also schedule when the lights will turn on especially when you won’t be at home to do it; this will not just illuminate your home, but trick burglars and thieves as well.

Your home will also be a safe place to be in when all the lighting is well maintained; for example, you don’t need to move about inside a dark room to find the light switch. You can automatically light up a room with one touch of a remote so you can immediately see where you are going and avoiding accidents as well.
Turning the lights on and off may look easy but what about in large homes? Home automated systems will allow users to choose a setting to illuminate certain areas of the home at a single time. For example, there is general lighting which is illuminating all the areas of the living room, but there is mood lighting when you would only want to light up focal points in the room to create a “romantic effect.” And aside from setting the mood, settings will also allow users to open blinds or window shades when you want natural light to come in.

Your home automated system does not stop here; in case of an emergency detected by your home security system, all the house lights especially in the areas where you need to move about to access exit points in your home will turn on. This allows you and your family to exit your home safely in case of fire, smoke, gas leaks and break-ins. Your smart automated system will also call law enforcement and the fire department in the event of any of these emergencies. Personal notifications of any emergency will also be sent to you and other members of the family through email or text. Definitely, home automated systems will not just light your home but will also keep your family safe and secure especially during times of emergencies.
Digital Security Controls (DSC) and 2Gig both will work for a burglar alarm as well as home automation and several other application. Please contact for all your security alarm monitoring and home automation needs.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Home Automation with Your DSC and 2GIG Alarm System

Home Automation and Your Alarm System Saint Louis and Saint Charles

Alarm DSC systems provide the utmost safety and security in a home or in a business/office. This is one of the reasons why most homeowners and business owners secure their investments and property by using surveillance, monitoring and alarm systems. However, if you are looking for the latest home or office monitoring system in the market, you will be amazed that alarm systems are already integrated with home automation or home control.
Home DSC or 2Gig controls are using a single remote control that will access all the important aspects of a home or office. This single remote control system will be used to access lighting systems in a home, energy management (which includes all the electronic appliances indoors), entertainment systems (this can include audio systems, video, gaming and Wi-Fi internet) and of course your DSC or 2Gig security alarm burglar system.


Definitely this setup is very convenient to any user since he only needs one remote system to activate the security and alarm systems of his home or office. With a simple and easy to use interface, the user may be able to set their security settings in a heartbeat. And if you think that a security system or an DSC-2Gig alarm burglar system only consists of a burglar alarm, video camera, motion detectors and floodlights activation, updated alarm systems may already warn homeowners or users for smoke, fire, water hazards and carbon monoxide accumulation. Everything you need for you and your family’s safety is accessed in one easy to manage interface.

Easy notification

Aside from actively telling users that security or safety has been breached, an updated system will usually notify users of any problems with security through email or text. A camera system will take a photo of the time its motion sensors were triggered and send this to your inbox. The home security system may also send you a notification email or text should locking systems are accessed incorrectly which means that you will be updated with everything that happens even when you are not at home.

DSC or 2GIG Smart systems

Automated notifications when it comes to breaches in security may be set to several people so that faster course of action may be done as soon as possible. Smart systems even send notification to other people in case you are already at home.
Another smart feature of new security systems that come with home automated systems is the orchestration of all these home features in case of an actual emergency. For example, if there is a fire or gas leak in a home, the system may be set to power off the air conditioning system as well as all the entertainment appliances in the home to prevent the spread of fire. The home automated system also turns all the lights on and automatically calls the fire department and law enforcement to aid in your safety. The police are also alerted in case of intruders or a break-in.
Although home automation may cost more, most homeowners believe that the security and protection it offers are priceless.

 We are here to assist you in all your security and automation needs.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

How Surveillance CCTV Security Surveillance Cameras Offer Peace of Mind for St. Louis area and more

How Surveillance CCTV Security Surveillance  Cameras Offer Peace of Mind

Possibly the most priceless thing that homeowners and business owners look for is peace of mind. Whether they are at home or managing their business they need peace of mind to be able to make expert decisions. And probably the best way to provide total peace of mind is to use surveillance CCTV security cameras St. Louis and St. Charles MO. How can video cameras offer total security, here are some techniques:

Video cameras are connected to receivers with large memory capacities which means you may record longer videos or have these record 24 hours a day. Surveillance systems nowadays offer large memory even terabytes of memory which may be equivalent to weeks or even months of video evidence.

Worrying about cameras and video monitoring systems consuming more electricity is normal which is why there are camera systems that are equipped with motion sensors. Motion sensors trigger the recording function of the camera which is ideal for outdoor video monitoring.

Video surveillance security camera systems nowadays may be viewed from a remote location if connected to the web. There are video camera models that can transmit video signals through the web with the means of a server; video may be viewed by logging in to an online account. Here you will be able to check on live recordings, view recorded data and even make adjustments in your video camera settings; all these provide you with utmost peace of mind.

Another smart feature of new video camera recorders for security and surveillance is to capture video evidence in the form of snapshots of forced entry to your premises. A camera system may be integrated with an alarm system; videos or images of the intruder will be sent to your smartphone or android phone so that you can view what is happening as soon as possible.

Most criminal activity happens at night or in areas where there is less light. You can enjoy peace of mind when your video surveillance camera has efficient night vision capabilities. Night vision is measured in feet; choose the best one that can offer more than 50 feet to provide maximum protection for your family and property.

There are video cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom. These features will also help improve your peace of mind as you are able to cover more are at a time. Pan and tilt may be adjusted manually but look for units that may be adjusted remotely. Zooming features on the other hand will help in identifying criminals as they enter or leave your property; you may choose a camera with the most efficient zoom features which are very important in capturing criminal activities.

Finally, choose cameras that are tamper proof and vandal proof especially when you plan to place a camera outdoors. If possible, have a professional installer install your video surveillance system; experts are skilled in the suitable placement of video cameras to capture a large area in a room. Professional installers will also teach you how to work with surveillance systems as well. 

Please contact Eyespyelectronics for more information for security and more!