Monday, October 28, 2013

Switch to a UL Monitoring Center

Why Switch to a 24-Hour UL Monitoring from Your Ordinary Security Alarm Monitoring System?

Security alarm systems vary from feature to feature and one such feature is the ability of a security system to communicate to a monitoring system to be able to respond to any emergency. Homes and businesses are equipped with security alarm systems not just to deter intruders or for an alarm to set off once there is breach of security but some advanced systems are connected to a “central station” where information from the system is sorted out. When a security system detects an emergency, a signal is sent to the central station and this triggers a specific response.

The signal from a security system in a home or a business could either be one of the following:
An intruder alert – this is one of the most common signals that a security system detects. It is done with a combination of door or window sensors, glass break detectors, lock break detectors and video surveillance detection. When an advanced security surveillance system detects an intruder a signal is sent to the central control and another signal is sent to the police department for instant response. The homeowner or the business owner is also alerted via mobile phone, email or a call.

Fire emergencies – updated home and business security systems combine security monitoring with fire and smoke detection. When this happens, advanced systems automatically start the water sprinkler system, opens the windows, the furnace and exhaust systems to remove smoke. A signal is sent to the central control system to send another signal to the fire department. The central control system also signals the homeowner or the business owner via email, call or text to come home or go to the site at once.

Medical emergencies – an advanced system may also signal for a medical emergency. A code may be set up or an emergency panic button or alarm may be set to immediately let the central station know of any medical emergency. The central station will call ambulance service or dispatch an emergency team to take care of any type of medical emergency right away.
Other type of emergencies may also be resolved with the use of a 24 hour monitoring security system. 

Emergencies like carbon monoxide accumulation, flood emergencies and so many more may be possible when you use an advanced monitoring system.

So why switch to a 24-hour security monitoring system instead of your regular alarm system? Definitely any homeowner or business owner will have ultimate peace of mind when his home or business is equipped with a smart and efficient security system. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to protect your family, your investment and your home since you can be assured of safety and security wherever you may be. So for anyone who would like to save money and effort plus have ultimate peace of mind, then a 24-hour alarm security monitoring system is the best security system for you. 

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