Sunday, July 21, 2013

What are the Latest Home Security Systems in St. Louis?

What to Look for in a Home Security System

Home security systems are the latest in providing ultimate home security and safety. You can have utmost peace of mind when you know that your home and family are protected with the latest home security system. But what are the latest in security for you home? Here are five of the most popular according to online consumer reviews:

Protect America

This company gathered the best reviews; consumers like the way Protect America gives away basic security equipment so you can start using their service right away. The company only one basic GE security equipment offered in 5 different plans. Customers have a choice from the very basic Copper Plan that comes with a control pane, door and window sensors, a motion detector and an internal siren this costs less than $20.00 to start.


This security company has different home monitoring services as well as a choice of security equipment. However there are no installers for their service, it is all DIY. SafeMart has a variety of wired as well as wireless systems; you have a choice to expand your security system depending on the size of your home and the number of possible entry points in your home. You also get amazing customer support for all their products.

Pinnacle Security

Pinnacle is unique since it provides interactive security systems as well as mobile monitoring systems. You cannot install the system by yourself, an installer has to come and make the installations. The price of their subscription varies and this may be according to the size of the property, your security needs and so many more. This security system also offers business security systems.


This company offers top-of-the-line, professionally installed security systems. ADT is one of the biggest companies for security and safety however it offers high rates which turn most residential customers off. Its basic rate starts at around $37.00 which is about twice the price of the basic plans of other companies. It is also very detailed when you choose ADT since the moment you sign up, a licensed technician will visit your home or business and check for the best security options for your needs. Everything is mostly covered by ADT from home intrusion and fire safety but the cost is terribly high for regular homeowners.

FrontPoint Security

This security company offers a wide range of security devices; from cameras, sirens, garage door overheads, motion sensors and door and window sensors to name a few. GE equipment is FrontPoint’s choice of equipment which means that you can customize your security system depending on your needs. The only problem with FrontPoint Security is that their equipment has very limited warranty and the price is very expensive at around $35.00.
If you are looking for the ideal security system, the best way to find the ideal system for your home is to read consumer reviews. There are so many reliable reviews online; these will help you make the best decision in protecting your home and your family.

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