Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why Use Burglar Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring

Why Use Burglar Security Alarm 24/7 Monitoring

A DSC and or Ademco burglar security alarm which is built for 24/7 monitoring may be the most efficient security system that you can have for your home or business. This security alarm package has all the features that you will need to secure your business or your property in the safest and the most effective manner. This type of monitoring and security system usually has more than security cameras and recording devices to capture video recordings 24 hours a day but it also has a burglar alarm which is wired to a system that automatically contacts your local police for assistance.
You need this type of system simply because of the following reasons:

Fool-proof your security system

Every business and every home needs a complete security monitoring and DSC and or Honeywell burglar alarm system. Burglars will never stand a chance in a fully automated system since:
·       The police are contacted as soon as possible as well as the homeowner or the business owner is notified through email, a call or a text message. In case of fire, the fire and temperature sensor will contact local fire department to respond as quickly as possible.
·       A video of the burglar will be recorded even in complete darkness since most security cameras have night vision capabilities. Police will be able to identify the criminal even when he has escaped due to your system’s video evidence.
·       Even unauthorized access from windows, garage doors, back doors and anywhere in the perimeter of your home or business will automatically trigger an alarm system to signal you and the police department.

Most cities require video surveillance systems

Most developing cities require business establishments to have security surveillance systems and alarm systems installed since this technique has been effective in capturing criminals and deterring criminal activity. Not only will you be complying with business rules in your area but you will also be able to protect your office, store or business establishment from criminal elements.

Increase the security within your home

Your home and your family are the most important; your home must be a secure place where your family can rest and relax. With all the criminal activity anywhere you can never take risks in protecting your home. And when it comes to your family’s total protection, you simply cannot work with just an outdated system. You need high quality burglar alarm system with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week monitoring capabilities.

Improve the value of your home or commercial property

Do you know that by installing a security system with burglar alarm, security cameras, recording systems, alarm sensors and remote monitoring you are increasing the value of your property? If you decide to sell or to rent out your property then it is a guarantee that you can get a huge deal from it. Adding a security and alarm system in your office or business will increase employee and customer safety and will surely increase the value of your professional customer service. 

DSC or Ademco (Honeywell) are a great Security Alarm for your home or business.

The cost of the installation depends on the company you choose. Most companies try to lock you up into a contract. Eye Spy Electronics doesn't like contracts. We want the customer to have the choice if they decide to go with another company they can with no issues.

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