Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do It Yourself Burglar, Security Alarm Installing with a low cost Monitoring Service

Eye Spy Electronics now offers DYI security alarm service.

1. How this works. While we do target the St. Louis and St. Charles Mo area we still provide alarm monitoring for most of the United States. If you do not know how to program an alarm panel but can install window and doors contacts this is a great option for you to save money.

2. You can buy the equipment from us and have us monitor you DSC, Ademco burglar alarms. We can program the panel before it ships or we can schedule a time to call up the panel and program it for you.
    The way most security companies in the St. Louis area makes and pays their bills is by charging you the customer a very expensive trip charge and a hefty hourly rate. They also charge a very high monthly monitoring rate.

3. How much do we charge a month for out DYI or not DYI monitoring? We don't advertise this because of our competitors. We do not want them to know all of our business or secrets.

4. 2GIG also offers a great alarm panel that can controls your doors and more. We recommend the DSC and Ademco Burglar alarm panels. Why because we can call the panel and program for you. You may decide you need something changed perfect we call it for you and make the changes in a few minutes.

5. Wired or wireless? Hard wired security alarms are idea for most applications. The thing with wired is you would have ti run a wire to each motion, each door and window your would want to contact. A contact is like a magnet when the door opens the magnet breaks and the panel knows this door or window is open. A motion can be a pet motion so you would have to weigh under like 40 lbs for the motion not to work. They are made for different weights up to like 100 lbs or so. A smoke or heat detector can be wired or wireless as well. Glass breaks the same wired or wireless. While the keypad pad can be connected wired or wireless always hard wire this device.

6. The wireless are idea for a finished house or business. When the drywall is all finished with no basement or a finished basement wireless burglar alarms are perfect. The batteries will last about 2 years or so. The range depends on the building being wood or medal. Medal and wireless don't get along so well.

7. If you would like to find out more about our program for DSC and Ademco security alarms and monitoring please visit our web site and feel free to call us or email us.

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