Saturday, April 6, 2013

Monitored Security Burglar Alarm System

Security systems are specifically engineered in order to protect your homes or business from trespassers, burglars and other people who have criminal intentions. There are a wide variety of security systems which uses different devices that are used to provide added security to your business or home which include motion sensors, security cameras and security alarms. These devices are being categorized into for major types: monitored, unmonitored, hardwired and wireless.

This type of system works in such a way that when the alarm that is installed was triggered, a call center that is monitoring the system will be notified. An operator who is working in that call center will then call the home that sent the signal and will check if the people who lives there are safe. In case that the operator found out that a burglar is attempting to break-in which triggered the alarm, he will then contact the authorities and the area and will send help. The main drawback in this type of system is the fact that it is highly dependent on the phone lines and disabling of this can compromise the security, however, there are now devices that can be used to prevent this from happening. Another drawback is the length of time that it usually takes an operator to call the number in question which is around 30 to 40 seconds which is enough time for the criminals to enter your home before the help arrives.

Unmonitored Security System

This usually is dependent on the loud noise that it can produce. They usually generate sounds or sirens once the alarm was triggered. The main goal of these types of security system is to scare the burglars away. The good thing about this is the fact that you don’t need to pay additional fee for a company to monitor your system, the downside however is the fact that you are responsible for calling the authorities and in case that you are not around, the responsibility will fall into the hands of your neighbor.

Hardwired Security System

This is dependent on the wiring that is responsible for the transmission of data from the sensor as well as other devices to a console or control panel. The control panel is usually located in a place that is hidden and uses a keypad in order to either activate or deactivate the alarm. The downside of having this kind of system falls under its installation which may require a lot of work in order to do it.

This type of system does not require any wiring so they are easy to install and at the same time gives you the flexibility of installing them wherever you want. It also gives you the convenience of bringing the system along with you in case that you decide to move to another home. This system however is more prone to different types of disruptions which can be brought about by electromagnetic interference which may require you to replace the batteries which can be sometimes costly.

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