Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Arm and Disarm Your Home DSC Alarm with Your iPhone in St.Louis

How to Arm and Disarm Your Home Alarm with Your iPhone

Your iPhone is not just for calls, text, Internet access and for entertainment; do you know that you can also access your home alarm system with your device? With the help of special apps through your iPhone, you will be able to do the following:

Access live recordings and saved video data from your receiver. Your iPhone needs to connect to the internet, access your provided online account and access your video through an interface to view recordings. This is handy when you are away or when you are not at home to personally protect your family.
Arm and disarm your system through the provided interface. Your home automation or alarm system will also provide you an interface where you can access most of the features of your home automation remote. 

You will be able to completely arm your DSC system with the use of the codes that you also use at home or if you are already home; you can use your iPhone to disarm your security system.
This convenient feature is actually possible with other handy devices that can connect to the internet like a BlackBerry, iPad, Window’s Phone or an android phone. This makes using this feature more convenient than ever.
Remote control features of your security system with your iPhone with the use of convenient apps. Like controlling your video cameras’ pan, tilt and zoom options, you may also control features like night vision, video resolution and so many more.

If you are new to using apps in your smartphone or android phone to arm and disarm your security settings at home, you must remember the following tips:
Be cautious about your surroundings when you access your smartphone; your log in and password information to access your online account may easily be seen or overheard by people around you. Your personal information should also be kept secure at all times; if you are using a device with larger screen you may use a screen protector with a filter to prevent people from overlooking your screen from either sides of the device.

Your phone or device is your personal property; if you will use your phone to access your DSC security system at home and arm and disarm your home automation, do not lend your phone to anyone if possible.
Surely you will have other members of your family who knows how to access your home’s security system and automated system with the use of a remote device; you need to educate members of your family as well as household help that you entrust with your codes. Educating members of your family includes cautioning them in accessing the app in a public place as well as avoiding lending their phones to other people.
All of these tips will provide peace of mind for you and your family. Use your smartphone, android or iPad DSC home alarm app wisely and you will definitely be able to manage your home automation and security better.

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