Friday, April 19, 2013

Using IP Surveillance Security Cameras Saint Louis Area

The Advantages of Using an IP Camera

IP or internet protocol cameras are cameras that offer the best convenience in security monitoring whether you are using cameras for your home or for your business. One of the best features of IP cameras are that its unique ability to be accessed remotely from the camera location. And this is not just accessing from your bedroom or living room, IP cameras convert video signals into data that can be accessed online. So you can see or monitor your home or business from your smartphone, android phone, tablet or from an Internet cafĂ© at the most convenient time for you. 
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IP cameras may also have other advantages that you may find helpful in your home or business:

Ease of use – you can use this camera system as soon as it is installed. Most IP cameras are wireless although there are units that are permanently wired; it just takes a few minutes to install a wireless IP camera and  afterwards you may already set up your system over the web. Users are provided with an online account protected by a password this makes sure that only the user can have access to his recordings and settings of his surveillance system.

Pan and tilt options – look for IP cameras with these options; you may even be able to control these features over the web so you can have full control over your recordings or monitoring.

Users confidence – add more confidence in the safety of your home with an IP camera. You can have total security and the feeling of total confidence that your home, property and business are safe; you can even place different IP cameras in strategic places inside or outside your property for total convenience.

Email or SMS alerts – a special feature called email alert or SMS alert allows the system to tell you if there is an intruder or any unusual activity in the premises. You will receive an email alert along with a snapshot of the scene delivered straight to your email inbox and in your smartphone or android phone.

Price is worth the convenience – this is one of the most common comment by IP camera users; IP cameras my come with an expensive price tag but the features like online viewing, remote viewing, tilt, pan and zoom features and email alerts are really worth the price. However if you are looking for a budget IP camera model, you may compare different models and camera prices online.

Design – most IP cameras are uniquely designed and are made to withstand changes in climate and weather. Some have protective housing, stronger harnesses and better enclosure for cables and wiring; this offers better protection from vandals and tampering especially when you are going to install the IP camera outdoors.
To get the best IP camera suitable for your home or business the best way is to compare products online. Take time learning all the features beforehand so you can purchase the ideal unit for your needs.

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