Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Advantages of Dome Surveillance Security Camera Systems

                                           The Advantages of Dome Security Camera 

Dome surveillance security cameras are cameras that you would often find in commercial establishments in the Saint Louis and or St. Charles area. This consists of a camera that is enclosed in a tinted dome; the camera can have pan and tilt (PTZ) features that will allow surveillance of the perimeter without anyone knowing. Dome CCTV can also be none PTZ and a fixed lens. The reason for this it is cheaper than a PTZ. Dome cameras are like any other security surveillance cameras, it is connected to a video recording device or a receiver with ample memory space. It may also be connected to a video monitor to view recordings as they happen. Dome cameras may be wired or wireless; you can find a variety of dome camera designs, accessories and mounting solutions to fit your kind of business. Here are some advantages of dome surveillance security camera systems to help you with your choice:

  •                  Total security – Whether you are using dome cameras indoors or outdoors, you can be sure that your system is vandal-proof and tamper proof. Most domes are made of tamper proof glass which can withstand any kind of weather or climate. Videos are uninterrupted plus units are able to pan and tilt to provide total perimeter security.

Other than these features, dome cameras may also point and zoom to allow the viewer to easily identify subjects that are being monitored.

  •            Easy to install – whether you are using a wired or wireless dome camera system you can be sure that these are easy to install. You won’t need mounting apparatuses or any appliance to mount dome units; this means easy installation, less hassles and more affordable installation fees.


  •           Easy to set up – while most cameras need to be installed and pointed to the subject or area to be monitored manually, dome cameras have pen and tilt capabilities to take care of these for you. All you need is to install the camera indoors or outdoors and control the pan and tilt features from the handy system interface.

  •      Intimidating – dome shaped cameras are considered the most intimidating camera systems of all since you will never know when you are being monitored. The dark tint of this kind of camera makes it a threatening unit to display anywhere.

The use of fake dome cameras has become a widespread way to intimidate intruders easily. You may find fake camera systems and housing from specialty surveillance security retail shops online.

  •         Less maintenance – dome shaped cameras offer less maintenance than ordinary surveillance camera systems; since the camera system is located inside a protective dome, there are fewer issues when it comes to repair or problems with failing parts or accessories. The most you need to do to maintain your dome camera is to wipe the dome regularly to ensure perfect video recordings.

A dome surveillance security camera system may not be applicable for all kinds of homes or businesses; therefore you need to shop for the ideal system by comparing features, specs and by reading security camera reviews online. Be sure to learn about the pros and cons of different security cameras beforehand to determine which is appropriate to use. 

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