Sunday, March 31, 2013

DSC Security Alarms Info for the Saint Louis Area!

DSC is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to providing different variations of security alarms and security cameras. They are offering two different systems: the full wired and the wireless security systems. The DSC systems that are full wired are being recommended to be used for newly constructed buildings. The DSC systems that are wireless on the other hand, are being recommended for both commercial and residential buildings that are already fully established. There are a wide variety of security alarms that you can choose from in the St. Charles/St. Louis area and all of Missouri. Below are some of them:

·        PC1616
This particular panel uses a 6-on board zones which can be expanded into 16 zones that are hardwired. The panel can also be expanded in up to 32 zones that are wireless. This model uses 2 different PGM outputs which can also be expanded to up to 14 and also offers a template programming specifically for installation which in turn can help you save money as well as time during the installation process. It has the ability of connecting a maximum of 8 keypads that are supervised together with keypad zones and offers 2 different partitions. This security alarm has the capability of programming a maximum of 48 user codes which makes it ideal for small businesses since you can distribute these user codes to your employees and you will get to monitor who goes in and out of the

·         SCW9047
This DSC security alarm kit is considered as fully self-contained type. It is perfectly designed and uses a built-in audio VOX that is 2-way system and an alarm communication system that is push-to-talk and has the ability of supporting 16 wireless keys together with 32 wireless zones. You can use up to 17 user codes in this model. This DSC Wireless Security Alarm is ideal for homes that are already constructed since there will be no need for you to run wires which can mess up the walls in your home.

·         PC1832
This panel contains 8 zones that are on-board which can be expanded to 32 zones that are hardwired and at the same time can be expanded up to a maximum of 32 zones that are wireless. It uses 2 different PGM outputs which are expandable to 14. Included in the package is the template programming which can be used in the installation process which can aid in saving money and time during the process. It has the ability to program a maximum of 48 codes for its users. This particular model is a more updated version which was based from PC1616. This DSC alarm system has the ability to connect up to a maximum of 8 keypads that are supervised which may include keypad zones. This model is perfect for businesses that range from being small to large ones. You have the ability to distribute the user codes to your employees and be able to monitor who opens and who closes the door of the office making monitoring more convenient for you. 

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