Friday, April 12, 2013

Analog and IP Security Camera Differances

Analog Cameras versus IP Cameras

Which works better, analog cameras or IP cameras? In the search for the best St. Louis surveillance camera this may be one of the most common questions you will ever encounter. There are so many ways analog cameras differ from IP camera and vice versa  to get to know each one and which one would work best in your situation, here is a short list of their features:

Video quality

Video quality is the ability of a St. Charles CCTV surveillance camera to deliver clear, crisp and vivid video footage minus any distortion which may affect the quality of video recordings. And when it comes to video quality, analog cameras are better since these units have stable wiring and signals are never interrupted. Analog cameras will never suffer from interference. IP cameras offer high video quality but relaying video information from the camera to the surveillance system may be affected by speed of transfer of data on the web. When there is faster Internet service, you can guarantee faster response times and of course video quality follows.

Ease of use

CCTV Surveillance Analog cameras records video and stores it in a recording device like a receiver or a digital recorder for you and you may view your recorded data from an attached video monitor. You may also save data on a data card to be stored or viewed from your laptop or computer. IP cameras are basically more practical to use than analog cameras since you can view your recordings online; there are also IP camera brands that provide an online user’s account where he can manage his stored data and make changes in the camera’s settings. Viewing your IP camera recordings online is total convenience in any homeowner or business owner’s part since he can work, spend time with his family or do other leisure activities while keeping a close eye on his property or business. An IP camera may not offer clearer video monitoring but it is indispensable in remote monitoring.

Camera features

Although CCTV analog surveillance cameras do not have remote viewing features (this is only done through the DVR) there are also some great features that may still be worth it like better night vision, auto focus capabilities, more channels and better camera sensors. IP cameras have a better picture enhancement features but provides unique features like motion detection, email alerts or SMS alerts, object detection and so many more. When you are in the market for a great camera surveillance system or the ideal camera to suit your indoor or outdoor needs, take time to compare one camera system from others so you can get the features that you will need for your home or business.

The price 

With no doubt the analog security cameras are a lower cost. The IP cameras have a few more features to enhance play back blow up. I would say the IP is about double the price when all said and done.

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