Sunday, May 12, 2013

Turn Your Lights On and Off With Your Automatic DSC 2Gig Home Security System

Turn Your Lights On and Off With Your Automatic DSC and 2Gig Home Security System St. Louis and St. Charles

Home automated systems control a home’s vital needs. From temperature to security, a single remote will be able to manage all these to provide homeowners with utmost security.
Probably the basic thing that you can do with a home automated system with the use of a “universal” remote is turn your lights one and off. Just like any regular home, an automated home needs to reduce power consumption hence turning the lights off reduce use effectively. But with the use of a home remote, you can do more than just turning the lights on and off.

You can schedule your home’s lighting needs with your automated system. You don’t need to personally click a button to power off lighting in your patio or your porch, your system will do this for you as long as you schedule when it will be done. Imagine how much power you can save when you don’t forget to turn off even a single light bulb in your home! You may also schedule when the lights will turn on especially when you won’t be at home to do it; this will not just illuminate your home, but trick burglars and thieves as well.

Your home will also be a safe place to be in when all the lighting is well maintained; for example, you don’t need to move about inside a dark room to find the light switch. You can automatically light up a room with one touch of a remote so you can immediately see where you are going and avoiding accidents as well.
Turning the lights on and off may look easy but what about in large homes? Home automated systems will allow users to choose a setting to illuminate certain areas of the home at a single time. For example, there is general lighting which is illuminating all the areas of the living room, but there is mood lighting when you would only want to light up focal points in the room to create a “romantic effect.” And aside from setting the mood, settings will also allow users to open blinds or window shades when you want natural light to come in.

Your home automated system does not stop here; in case of an emergency detected by your home security system, all the house lights especially in the areas where you need to move about to access exit points in your home will turn on. This allows you and your family to exit your home safely in case of fire, smoke, gas leaks and break-ins. Your smart automated system will also call law enforcement and the fire department in the event of any of these emergencies. Personal notifications of any emergency will also be sent to you and other members of the family through email or text. Definitely, home automated systems will not just light your home but will also keep your family safe and secure especially during times of emergencies.
Digital Security Controls (DSC) and 2Gig both will work for a burglar alarm as well as home automation and several other application. Please contact for all your security alarm monitoring and home automation needs.

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