Thursday, May 9, 2013

Home Automation with Your DSC and 2GIG Alarm System

Home Automation and Your Alarm System Saint Louis and Saint Charles

Alarm DSC systems provide the utmost safety and security in a home or in a business/office. This is one of the reasons why most homeowners and business owners secure their investments and property by using surveillance, monitoring and alarm systems. However, if you are looking for the latest home or office monitoring system in the market, you will be amazed that alarm systems are already integrated with home automation or home control.
Home DSC or 2Gig controls are using a single remote control that will access all the important aspects of a home or office. This single remote control system will be used to access lighting systems in a home, energy management (which includes all the electronic appliances indoors), entertainment systems (this can include audio systems, video, gaming and Wi-Fi internet) and of course your DSC or 2Gig security alarm burglar system.


Definitely this setup is very convenient to any user since he only needs one remote system to activate the security and alarm systems of his home or office. With a simple and easy to use interface, the user may be able to set their security settings in a heartbeat. And if you think that a security system or an DSC-2Gig alarm burglar system only consists of a burglar alarm, video camera, motion detectors and floodlights activation, updated alarm systems may already warn homeowners or users for smoke, fire, water hazards and carbon monoxide accumulation. Everything you need for you and your family’s safety is accessed in one easy to manage interface.

Easy notification

Aside from actively telling users that security or safety has been breached, an updated system will usually notify users of any problems with security through email or text. A camera system will take a photo of the time its motion sensors were triggered and send this to your inbox. The home security system may also send you a notification email or text should locking systems are accessed incorrectly which means that you will be updated with everything that happens even when you are not at home.

DSC or 2GIG Smart systems

Automated notifications when it comes to breaches in security may be set to several people so that faster course of action may be done as soon as possible. Smart systems even send notification to other people in case you are already at home.
Another smart feature of new security systems that come with home automated systems is the orchestration of all these home features in case of an actual emergency. For example, if there is a fire or gas leak in a home, the system may be set to power off the air conditioning system as well as all the entertainment appliances in the home to prevent the spread of fire. The home automated system also turns all the lights on and automatically calls the fire department and law enforcement to aid in your safety. The police are also alerted in case of intruders or a break-in.
Although home automation may cost more, most homeowners believe that the security and protection it offers are priceless.

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